Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Wednesday Randomness

Colander Head
Whew, what a weekend!! This here household had a really awesome weekend, especially the Munchkin. After a super productive knit night on Friday, Saturday was spent playing at the park/playground ( one day!!), saying hello to the elderly ladies at the community centre up the street (the Munchkin just loves hamming it up for the elderly folks there), a quick trip to the grocery store sans stroller (which the Munchkin was pleased as punch about...and who knew he would be so helpful at "carrying" the basket and "picking" fruit and veggies??), and then chilling out at the James Bay Market where we listened to acoustic music, sampled homemade jams, and coloured (in the kids tent, of course!).

Sunday, while I was at work, Brett and the Munchkin enjoyed the Pride Parade. Not only did the Munchkin watched the whole parade (in utter awe), but he scored quite a bit in free swag! When I came home he was so proud to show me his collection of colourful necklaces, beach balls, noise makers, stickers, and stick-on tattoos, as well as share his bubble gum and lollipops with me. Luckily for me Brett caught it all on camera!

Monday was another "Daddy and Munchkin day of adventure" while I was at work. I know the Munchkin can't get enough Daddy time cause every Tuesday when Brett has to go back to work it's so hard to pry the Munchkin off from around his waist, and yesterday was no different. After work I high-tailed it to my dentist appointment (yay, no cavities!!) to come home to find a super sad Munchkin. Needless to say, Rice Krispie treats had to be made to turn Munchkin's frown upside down!!

Other things of note that don't fit this post but I felt compelled to comes the random goodness:

1. I finally managed to plow through and get both sleeves knitted up on the Tahitian Tea Leaves cardigan!

2. I discovered that I used the wrong needle size for the garter cuff on the first sleeve and will have to rip back to fix it.

3. Before ripping back the cuff I decided to knit up the second sleeve just so that I could get it out of the way. This time around I used the correct needle size for the cuff...

4. ...Just to find out that using the correct needle size means my sleeve is slightly too short in length.

5. I honestly feel like this cardigan should've been finished by now.

6. I bought buttons for the baby sweaters that I had knit for the babies that will be arriving soon.

7. I discovered that all the buttons I bought were about 3 millimetres too big for the buttonholes. WTF??

8. I don't know if I have the time this week to seek out new buttons.

9. I want to cast on a new project and promised myself that I could AFTER I finished at least three of the WIPS that I currently have OTN.

10. I better get knitting.

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  1. wow you have had a very busy week! I need to get knitting too. I have told myself I can't buy any new yarn until I work through some of my stash yarn. I have found some quick stash busting projects that should help me out.


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