Friday, June 17, 2011

WIP: Lintilla

Knitting Wollmeise
I started this a little over a week ago, after realizing that I didn't have anything suitable to go with the dress I plan on wearing to my friend Kat's wedding. She's having an outdoor wedding and even though it's June, I figured that being on the pier by the water the air could get a little chilly at times. The bodice of my dress is bustier style with straps, and since I'm as pale as a ghost I was really hoping to wear something to cover up my shoulders and arms. I was hoping to knit up Emily by Ysolda Teague but didn't have anything suitable in the stash to make it with. Sadly, all the shawls that I have don't go with my colour scheme. So what's a girl to do??

Make one that will!! I had originally wanted a triangular shawl with some lace work, but didn't think I would have enough time to knit and block it (in hindsight, I probably would have...and I'm sure I would have already been done it by the time I finish this one!). So I looked in my queue for a quick knit and came up with Lintilla.

So far this has been a super easy knit, one that I've been taking everywhere. As much as I enjoy knitting this, I had completely forgotten that garter stitch takes way more time to knit up than stockinette. It's definitely one of those projects where you feel like you're knitting and knitting and the project is still not growing. Luckily the pattern is insanely easy to remember and so it made for really good TV and playground knitting (also lucky - I was able to catch any dropped stitches that were made while not looking cause I was too busy watching the Munchkin at the playground!) and I was able to put it down and pick it back up whenever. The majority of the knitting on this was done during hockey games (which we will NOT talk about) and then eventually I had to stop because my stitches were getting too tight and my hands too sweaty to continue on knitting.

I still have a fair bit of knitting to go and this needs to be done by tomorrow at 11am! Problem is, do I have enough yarn to finish?? This pattern isn't about counting stitches and knitting until you have a set amount, it's about how much your ball of yarn weighs at a certain amount. I, apparently, can't follow these directions and went 5 grams over and now I'm trying to knit faster before my yarn runs out.

I better have a back-up plan in case I don't finish this in time...and cross my fingers that there will be enough yarn when I cast off!!


  1. I have been trying to use up some stash yarn too. The other day I cast on a cardi that my ravelry stash told me I had enough yarn to make. Problem was when I went to find the yarn in real I could only find 6 balls not 10 so I had to undo the part I had already started. I found a different cardi pattern to work with instead. I think I need to update my ravelry stash page so that doesn't happen again.

  2. Hi Kat!

    Yeah, I've had that happen to me to and now I'm trying to be very much on top of keeping my Rav stash page up to date! At least you didn't start knitting yet and found out later that you didn't have enough yarn!


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