Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random June

Self Portrait
This is going to be all random as I didn't want to make separate posts for everything. That, and I have no time. So here we go...

1. It was my birthday a few days ago (June 14th, to be exact). I did squat for it. I don't make a big deal about my birthday cause no one else had ever shared my enthusiasm (or bothered to attend birthday events growing up), so to me it's just another day.

2. Except that I'm one year older.

3. I found out that I share the same birthday as the Yarn Harlot.

4. Tomorrow I plan on gorging on cupcakes and ice cream cake.

5. I do not wish to have a picture of a squirrel on my cake like Brett did.

6. I bought myself a new camera. Hence the self-portrait you see above. The photo is so crisp and clear, and actually shows the light I was standing in!

7. I'm going to have to take some time to read the instructions to this thing very thoroughly.

8. Expect more photos on this here blog.

9. My hair is done up with a solo victory roll before being put up into a ponytail, a la Gwen Stefani styles.

10. The Canucks blew it. They didn't win the Stanley Cup. Even though they were up in the series 2-0.

11. But who cares about the game when everyone is paying more attention to the riot that broke out after the game.

12. The riot does NOT reflect the feelings of all fans or citizens.

13. It really saddens me to know that Vancouver's great reputation was greatly destroyed after "a bunch of trouble makers", drunken asshats, and douche nuggets (who all claimed to be Canucks fans) decided to take this opportunity to make the city look like sore losers, among other things.

14. I'm heading to Vancouver this weekend for my friend Kat's wedding. Since she's not registered anywhere, it stresses me out that I can't get her a gift.

15. I know that gifts are not what weddings are all about.

16. I wonder if she'd like a shawl. Knit by me.

17. I wonder if her soon-to-be husband would mind. Especially if I don't have anything for him.

18. I just heard news that I probably won't be able to make it to the Kootenays to visit my family this year.

19. That last point upsets and depresses me completely.


  1. Happy Birthday for the other day. I love birthdays! I take a whole weekend to celebrate me. Bummer about not being able to visit your fam. That would suck! Hopefully you can visit them another time instead.

  2. Thanks Kat! :)

    I hope I can see my family this year too. I guess we'll have to see what I can pull out of the hat!


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