Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playoffs in Stockinette

WIP - Lintilla
It's a stressful time here on the West Coast. Not because of the rotating strike that is going on with Canada Post (I want my yarn!), and not because it's a little on the cold side for the month of June. But because it's playoffs time. Of the hockey variety (maybe this is another reason why I've been blog MIA). And the fact that the Canucks are in the finals...for the third time in club history. Did I mention that this is the first time a Canadian team has been in the finals since 2007*? The city of Vancouver is on edge, as are most Canucks fans, and hockey fans in general. Vancouver is still riding on the high that was the 2010 Olympics (and let's not talk about the history behind host Olympic cities winning Lord Stanley's cup the following year), and the citizens are going nuts with Canuck fever. After all, we only need to win 3 more games and the Cup will be ours.

So how am I dealing with the stress? By knitting, of course. Knitting nothing but stockinette, to be precise. I've cast on a mindless, potato-chip-syndrome project that seems to knit up pretty fast every time the puck is in the Canucks zone. If the series keeps going on the way it is, I'm sure this project will be done by the end of game 3 and well before this is suppose to be done.

Now if I can only loosen up every muscle in body...

'Til then, GO CANUCKS GO!!!!

*Oops! I meant to say the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was in 1993 (FYI: it was the Montreal Canadiens)...and the last time a Canadian team made it to the Cup finals was 2007.

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  1. "potato-chip-syndrome project"! LOVE IT! I just cast on for Laura Chau's Waffles Pullover (from knitty) and am obsessed with my tiny little sweet georgia waffle sweater right now! And it's like 24C out... ha.


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