Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Parliament Skyline
I've really been lacking in the blogging department as of late. I feel like my posts have been quite sporadic and I feel a little bad about that. To tell you the truth, I've just been feeling either way too exhausted or too lazy to sit down and write up a post. Not that it would really matter anyways, since I've been really brain dead lately too. From trying to keep up and entertain a toddler, to having to wake up before the sun does for work, I'm lucky if I can even stay up past 9pm most nights and half of the time I don't think I'm being coherent at all!

Another reason for the lack of blogging: my life has been ├╝ber boring these past few weeks. Seriously. Yawnsville. Dust bunnies have a more exciting life than I do right now. My days consist of running around outside, attempting to catch up on housework, cooking several pans of lasagna, singing endless rounds of the alphabet, building never ending towers of blocks, and trying to squeeze in as much sleep as I possibly can. My weekends are pretty much the same except that I have to be up at 4 in the morn so that I can be at work by 5am (that's how I got the photo above, otherwise I'd totally be in bed!), and the amount of sleep I get is minimal.

The weather has been fantastic lately and so a lot of the time the Munchkin and I have been outside taking advantage of it, which has really been helping in my quest to cut out the Munchkin's time watching kiddie videos on YouTube and movies (and this, in turn, is what's making me so exhausted!). The beautiful weather is constantly reminding me that I need to do a MAJOR overhaul and update to my wardrobe. I struggle to find something to wear every morning. Everything I own either no longer suits my taste, doesn't fit, or is way too wintery. I think I'm going to make it my goal this summer to do a complete wardrobe/style revamp.

Trying to keep the little one busy is also keeping me from getting any crafting done. The baby gift knitting is coming along. Albeit very slowly. I'm still only on the fourth project. I was really hoping I'd be done all of them. This secretive knitting doesn't make for very good blog fodder, and so from that, I have nothing to blog about. I also had some sewing planned out, but alas, can't find the time to do so. Again, this makes for poor blogging. Sad face.

Am I sensing a theme happening here? Hopefully the next time I check back in I'll have something of remote interest to blog about. For now though, the Munchkin needs his bath...and I'm hoping to be able to sit for a few minutes and stare blankly at the wall...

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