Sunday, June 26, 2011


Flowers and the Bee
I had an über cool photo for this post. I was all artsy fartsy cliché-like in the sense that it was of a blurred scenery passing by in the passenger side view mirror of the truck. I'm too lazy to re-size it right now. So you get this photo that I was saving for some reason.
Anyhoo, the Munchkin and I are heading out of town for a week for our annual trip to the Kootenays with our cousins. I'm really hoping that the car ride this time around will be more pleasant than the last. If not, I made sure to pack the Gravol for the kidlet!

I can't believe that a year has already gone by since the last time my family got to see the Munchkin. I don't know if he's changed much since the last visit, I mean, he's still not talking proper words yet and still socially awkward (unlike his cousin who is very outgoing and the center of attention). I'm just really hoping that he'll be less of a grump and be more willing to socialize, and not feel so terrorized by his cousin, who is also 2 years old.

I'm really looking forward to taking the Munchkin to the beach and the lake, to the park, and to blow bubbles and run loose on the giant fields on the waterfront. Know what else I'm looking forward to? The 8-10 hours of knitting time that'll happen on the drive to the Kootenays, and the same amount of knitting time back. Oh yeah. You better believe that I'll be bringing a few projects with me! I don't know how much knitting time I'll actually have while I'm visiting with my family (I'm really hoping that the Munchkin will forget about me for a bit and will let someone else take care of him). If the last time was any indication, I'll be passing out in bed by 10pm!

So be forewarned that there will be no posts for the next week and a bit...but when I come back I can guarantee a lot of photos! And maybe a finished item to show? Hmm...that might be asking too much. I don't want the pressure of having to produce something whilst on vacation! So let's just say I can promise a lot of photos on my return. Sounds good?

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and see you soon!! Cheers!

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  1. Have a fun trip! Can't wait to see pics when you return.


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