Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Recap...and some knitting

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a good weekend and is enjoying their week thus far! My weekend was pretty low-key, but nice. Mother's Day came and went pretty darn fast. To me it felt like I had blinked and the day was over! For Mother's Day I got to sleep in (a major first in quite a long time), ate the cupcakes you see above, and got yarn!! Oh yeah, and a heap load of Post-it notes and pens (remember, I'm an office supply junkie)! What more could you ask for?

I also sneaked in some knitting time too. I decided to drop my current WIPs and get started on my baby gifts knitting. I have quite a few friends that are expecting and are due roughly around the same time, then just a few days ago I found out that yet another friend is pregnant! I'm not going to post any of the WIPs or FOs for these babies until all recipients have received their gifts cause I know at least one of these soon-to-be mommies read this blog (hi Natalie!), and I don't want the surprise to be ruined. I don't have each gift planned and set in stone, instead I've decided to knit a bunch of sweet baby things and when it comes time to give the gift I'll let the knitted item speak as to who it should go to. So I've picked out a few patterns, a few skeins of yarn from the stash, and have dedicated the rest of the month to baby knitting. Some of these projects will go towards my 12 in 2011 goal since I'll be knitting from stash and the patterns are freebies. I think I'm doing ok for time, I already have 2 sweaters on the go and am hoping they'll be done before the week is over. No, I'm not a fast knitter, baby items are just quick knits!

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  1. I'm pretty excited! (and it's not because I just drooled over cupcake picture - SERIOUSLY!)


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