Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up

Tea while knitting
Hello blog friends! I know, I know, I keep saying that I haven't forgotten about y'all and then I go and disappear. Well, my only explanation for that this time around is that the weather has been super gorgeous and every waking moment has been spent outside with the Munchkin. I've also been über exhausted (story of my life!) and have been falling sleep shortly after I put the Munchkin down for bed. The second I wake up in the mornings I usually have the Munchkin right in my face ("Hi Mom!) and from there it's usually go, go, go!! My only down time has been during nap time and even then I'm trying to prep dinner (I'm a slow chopper), catch up on housework (ok, not really trying on this one but I do put some things away!), and take a breather. Even my knitting has been put on the back burner this past week! Although, with that said the past few days I've been making a lovely cuppa tea and settling in for a nice hour or so of uninterrupted knitting time. Which is absolutely divine!

This secret baby gifts knitting doesn't really make for good blogging material but am happy to report that I finished the knitting on 2 sweaters last weekend and am about halfway done the third. That is, if I can actually stop ripping out and re-knitting almost every section! The perfectionist in me is really coming out with the third item. Knitting baby items are so super satisfying, you're knitting a full garment in a quarter of the time it would take to knit an adult sized item. You definitely feel that rush when you've cast off the last stitch after 2-3 days of casting on!! To top it all off, baby items are great at stash busting those random one skeins that you have no idea what to make from. Question now is, will I be able to stop knitting baby things and get back to knitting things for me??

Hmmm...I'll ponder that while I take the Munchkin to the park. Happy Thursday everyone!!

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