Thursday, March 17, 2011


WIP - Queen Jaywalker Socks
I've been puttering along on the Queen Jaywalker socks all weekend. I didn't even bother bringing out my other projects, let alone work on any of them. I'm having gauge issues with Georgia (more on that later) and I've stalled a bit on Retro Heaven. The socks are the only project that's going as planned and are flying off the needles, all instant gratification-like. So I'm hell bent on getting them finished. The colours are growing on me, and hey, they're perfect for next month when Easter rolls around! The yarn itself is absolutely fabulous and now I can see why a lot of sock knitters refuse to knit socks out of anything other than Socks That Rock. If I didn't already have an enormous amount of sock yarn I would also knit my socks solely with STR. Simply lovely yarn!

These socks will be the third finished item for the 12 in 2011 goal. I'm quite happy that I'm zipping along at a fairly decent rate with this goal, seeing how it's only 3 months into the year and I'll already have 3 FOs under my belt. For a while there I didn't think I could knit 12 items in a year and didn't want to cop out by knitting iPod cozies and short fingerless mitts or something. The whole point of 12 in 2011 is to make a dent in the stash (which is kinda pointless when you're still buying yarn faster than you can knit).

On that note, I better keep knitting!

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