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Ever since I had bound off the last stitch of my Simply Neopolitan socks I've been itching to cast on for another pair of socks. I have quite a few patterns in my queue and at least 3 patterns on my 12 in 2011 list. I have made it a new goal to always have a pair of socks, a shawl, and a cardigan on the needles at all times. So far I haven't held up that goal since it's been a few weeks since I finished the Neopolitan socks and no new socks have been started up yet!

I've been hemming and hawing over which pattern to do first and then a while ago I was wasting time looking around on Ravelry and I came upon this project page (sorry for the Ravelry link for those who aren't on Ravelry!) that made my heart completely flutter with love. I took note of the pattern (it's a freebie!! Which you can get here), then I discovered the link in the project notes for the littlemissmatched socks site that had inspired the project in the first place. I was in love!

I've always loved crazy socks and never really owned any solid colour socks - other than straight up black for work. Whenever I found a sock print that I loved I would seriously buy several and in every colour that was available. I wouldn't mix them up unless I had either lost the mate or a hole appeared in one while the other sock was perfectly intact. It was only then that I would dare to mix it up and wear mismatching socks. So to find a set of 3 socks that were purposely mismatched?? Brilliant!!

Missmatched 2

I absolutely LOVE it! Unfortunately littlemissmatched doesn't ship to Canada, which is probably a good thing cause I would probably shell out a good chunk of my "I need a new camera fund" buying socks for me. Oh, and another good reason? I wouldn't have anything to knit during breaks from the bigger projects if I already had a sock drawer full of fun socks. I think knitting myself a set of mismatched socks would not only be ├╝ber fun, but maybe it'll help combat second sock syndrome? Although, I like to knit my socks 2 at a time, but on separate circular needles using the Magic Loop method and not both on 2 circs like how most 2 at a time socks are knit. I'm really hoping there's no such thing as third sock syndrome!

For the curious: yes, I do own 2 pairs of circular needles with a 40" cable (cause that's the length I'm most comfortable with in doing Magic Loop with socks) in all the extra tiny needle sizes (like 2mm all the way up to 3mm). I like to start both socks at the same time, then knit a section on one sock then do the same with the other and then back to the first sock. Like I'll knit the leg cuff ribbing on the first sock and before moving onto the leg I'll knit the cuff on the second sock. Sometimes I'll knit one row on one sock and then alternate with the other. Why do I do this? So that my socks will match up in the end. My Neopolitan socks are uneven in row counts in certain areas but I knew this after I finished the toes on the second sock. I didn't keep good notes while knitting the first sock and since they took forever to knit up I had no idea what I had done to the first while knitting the second. I decided to start knitting both socks at the same time when I made the first Skew. Not only was the pattern written round by round and then you knit the length you needed for the foot (which I didn't want to keep in depth account of), but I knew that I had the attention span of a gnat and had to find a way to avoid getting bored. So there you go, my sock secrets. Shh!!

Missmatched 3

Anyways, I plan on using either this pattern since it's also in my queue and because it's in knee high form, or the same pattern noted above but probably not with the Noro sock yarn since I don't have any in my stash. Especially if I want this to count towards my 12 in 2011. What I do have in my stash though are a few Zauberballs in the rainbow colourway (Frische Fische), which would mesh well with the darker, almost chocolate-y brownish purple Zauberball (Brombeeren) that I also have somewhere in the stash. Just like how this project paired them (again, sorry for the Rav link). As much as I would like to make knee socks, I don't think I would have enough yarn in the darker colour to do 3 socks. I would love to do a set of socks in Knit Picks' newest yarn, Chroma, in either the Regency, Roller Skate, or Pegasus colourways. But alas, I'm trying to knit from stash (even though that hasn't prevented me from purchasing yarn...but that's another post!) and I can't justify making a KP order just for a few balls of yarn to make socks (although, if any you Bitchy Bee members reading this want to do a group order, I'm sooo in! Just sayin'...).

Missmatched 4

Just like the pair that inspired my need to make mismatching socks, I'm hoping to connect the set with not only colour, but by pattern, with is the stripes. To make them mismatching I was planning on knitting the stripes in different widths - a skinny stripe sock, a regular stripe one (whatever "regular" means, that is!), and a big fat stripe one.

Since both patterns are straight up stockinette in the round, this project would be an awesome mindless knit and something that I can tote along to work, shopping, and when the Munchkin needs more attention than usual.

Now if only I can get around to casting these on, and not the million other socks that I want to knit up too...

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