Thursday, March 24, 2011

And We're Back At It

Ok, so not really. I've been back home for a few days now but have been trying to fight off whatever this sickness is that I currently have. The trip itself was good, although it ended not so well. The drive to and from the Okanagan was great. At least 5 hours each way of non-stop, uninterrupted knitting time? Oh yeah, pure heaven! On the way to Kelowna Brett's brother, Travis, joined us as we traveled through the lower mainland. Being a DJ, you better believe that he had some kick ass tunes to listen to. Not once did we switch on the satellite radio! On the way home though, Brett graciously let me listen to the 80s station the entire drive. What a keeper! Mind you, I didn't keep it on the 80s station the entire time (I don't like ALL the songs from the 80s, are you kidding??) and would venture between the 90s station and Lithium (a 90s alternative/grunge station), talk about a trip into the past! A lot of songs reminded me of middle school and MuchMusic dance parties...remember those? Don't lie. You totally do!

I had started 3 new projects and had knit them until I ran out of yarn. Luckily I got home when I did cause I had half a ball of yarn left on the third project! I also brought home yarn, apparently I can't classify it as souvenir yarn since Kelowna isn't a "vacation destination" for me and I go there at least 2 times a year. Oh well, it's still yarn that I can't get here!! Brett had a great time and was happy to see his friends again, and the Munchkin came home with a bunch of new toys!

I'd write more about the trip but I think I need a refill on my water and tea. My throat is absolutely killing me and my nose is currently a faucet. Hopefully I'll feel better soon and can post about the millions of WIPs that I currently have on the needles!

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