Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Cinnamon Roll Muffins - After Icing
As I've mentioned in my last post a few days ago I had made cinnamon roll muffins. Not only were they insanely easy to make but they were also insanely delicious to boot! My friend Mae had talked about and introduced me to the baking blog, Joy the Baker, which a ton of fabulous recipes and absolutely gorgeous food photos accompanying each recipe (and sometimes step by step photo instructions!). Every time I check out this blog I get incredibly hungry and wish that Joy herself would just adopt me already so that I could gorge on her yummy baking. I also love the way that Joy writes, it's like talking to your cool older sister or your best friend. I think she's hilarious.

Anyways, back to the cinnamon roll muffins. I had originally intended on making Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls using this recipe. But after realizing that not only do I not have the time to knead and proof dough, but I was feeling a bit too impatient to even have to wait that long for such nummy treats. That's when I discovered the alternative route suggested by Joy, for those (like me) who are either too lazy and/or lacking time. So I used this recipe for the muffin version.

Cinnamon Roll Muffins - After Icing Closeup 2
Don't let the muffin term fool you though. This ain't no fluffy wannabe knock-off. Oh no. This so-called muffin could totally pass for the real deal. It's just more...portion controlled. Yeah. The only thing I would do differently next time I make this recipe (cause you bet I'm going to make these again!!) would be to make a cream cheese icing, rather than the simple confectioners' sugar and milk icing called for in the recipe. Oh, and I would definitely swirl in the brown sugar and butter mix into the dough so that you wouldn't be caught off guard biting into a thick chunk of brown sugar. It is because of this very reason that Brett wasn't a fan after taking his first bite into one of these little heavenly morsels. After much convincing he agreed to test out another muffin, and this time it was met with appreciation. Phew! Even the Munchkin liked them, so how could Brett not like them? Mind you, I can't really depend on the Munchkin's tastes, since he's also willing to eat a 2 week old piece of broccoli that he found under the base heater in the kitchen (gross, I know!).

Next time though, I'm thinking I shouldn't half-ass it and might as well go big or go home. Yeah, next time, I'm gonna make the real deal.


  1. Laughed at the comment about the kiddo eating two-week-old broccoli. When I was little, my brother would regularly eat discarded popcorn off the floor at a local hardware store that gave out free bags of it. I tried it once (and only once) when I was three and he was five, but stopped quickly once I figured out that it was exactly like normal popcorn, only staler and grittier.

    On a less gross note, those muffins look delicious. I agree with the cream cheese icing idea - it makes everything better!

  2. Mmmmmm....those look soooo tasty!!!
    And you know how much I love cinnamon rolls!
    I was eating those like everyday when we were at school in Helsinki :) Good times!

  3. Oh, those look GOOD! I might have to try to veganize the recipe this weekend.....

  4. Ok, so my replies are a month late.

    Cory Ellen:
    The things we are willing to eat when we don't know any better! ;)

    I totally remember that! But I wouldn't blame you, I thought all the pastries at school were dee-lish!

    Let me know how they turned out!!


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