Friday, December 24, 2010

They didn't have any houses left

Gingerbread Train - In the making
I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already!! Where has the time gone? I feel like I'm going to blink sometime today and Christmas morning will have already passed! Anyways, Brett and I have begun a Christmas tradition 3 years ago to build a gingerbread house together a few days leading up to Christmas day. I'm actually pretty excited that next year the Munchkin will be old enough and able to partake in this tradition.

This year though, since December had seriously snuck up on us, we ended up purchasing a gingerbread kit late in the game. So for that, all the gingerbread houses were sold out and we had to settle for the train kit instead. It was still fun to do, but the entire time Brett and I kept exclaiming how the kit was crap, "how the hell did they get their lines so tiny?", and "this isn't lots of candy!". Yeah, note to self: must purchase a gingerbread house kit the second you see one in the shops!! The train just didn't cut it.

So with all that said, here's what the train on the box looks like:

Gingerbread Train - The kit
It's not a house, but not bad either, right? Seems like it would be loads of fun.

Well, this is what ours looked like:

Gingerbread Train - The Fail
Now that I truly look at it, I guess it's not so bad looking after all. But last night it was definitely a fail for both Brett and I. Maybe because we are used to doing a house, made by a different company. The kit we made came with 2 bags of royal icing, which is utterly awesome since we're always running out before the house is finished, but one of them just wasn't softening up. Thus causing major glooping action. Before I sound completely negative, Brett and I did giggle the entire time and lamented our excitement for next year when the Munchkin can exercise his gingerbread decorating creativity.

This morning when the kidlet woke up and sat at the kitchen table and saw the train, the look on his face was worth the shoddy kit and train decorating skills. There's nothing like the sound of your toddler's laugh and glee and knowing that this is the best thing he's ever seen to make this experience do a complete and total 180. Thank you Munchkin!!

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  1. I think the train would have been fun! It looks totally fabulous if you ask me!I'm sure that it doesn't taste good either way! Kits never do! Great job! (Where did December go, right?) It came way too fast for us too!

    Merry Christmas!!!!


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