Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Friday

Sock Yarn Trio
My internet is still down, so this is going to be totally and utterly random as I have stuff to say with little time to do so. Not to mention that I don't think half of this deserves its own post. Here we go:

- Last weekend was the Bitchy Bees' Christmas potluck party. It was loads of fun with great food and even greater company. There's been a suggestion that maybe we should do this again for the summer solstice. I completely second that.

- The potluck was also a gift exchange (it was a Christmas party after all). After much hemming and hawing I decided to sew an extra large project bag with a matching notions bag. This to me, deserves its own post. But until I get my internet back, and when I can get my photos off my camera (it's dying and therefore taking everything with it!), this will have to do.

- I was really nervous about giving away the project/notions bag combo. I was a bit worried that people would be all like, "ugh, she brought that again??"

- Some progress has been made on the Queen Bee cardie. At the potluck I managed to finish the second sleeve and just the other day I got to join it all together! I got to knit a repeat for the yoke before I had to stop knitting.

- My hands have been hurting again. This time it's from sleeping on my arms in a weird way that has caused both my arms and hands to randomly go numb throughout the day. I find that if I stretched my neck a certain way, the numbness goes away. I'm starting to wonder if I pinched a nerve in some way. I think a doctor's appointment is in need.

- I've been living in my rain boots these past few weeks, and with that I've been wearing my Skews an awful lot. My German Skews were a bit big to start with, and withtout thinking I threw them in the wash (and again, without thinking I threw them in the dryer) and guess what? They were completely and totally fine! Actually, they are better. They shrunk just a little and now fit my feet perfectly. Man I love superwash wool.

- I've been sewing a lot more than normal lately. I've been forgoing on the housework during the Munchkin's nap and have been selfishly sewing myself a dress. I just have the collar to handsew and then topstitch, and then I'm done. I'll post photos, again, when I get my internet back and when I can lure Brett into helping me take photos.

- I like this dress so much that I plan on making another one as soon as this one is done.

- I found some beautiful black Italian wool fabric in my stash the other day. I hope to turn this into a winter coat sometime soon. I need a proper winter coat. One that doesn't have 3/4 length sleeves. And something that goes with every colour in my wardrobe.

- A few weeks ago I saw Australian mangoes at the grocery store. I love mangoes. So I was going to purchase one. Until I saw that it was going to cost me $19.76 for ONE mango! Fast forward to the Bees' potluck and this mango came up in comversation, and then again in our discussion forum on Ravelry. After Mary's very convincing persuasion (and her message that they have gone on sale...half off!), I decided to give in and buy one. $6 later for one mango, it is sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for the little one to go down for his nap so that I can be alone with it. This better be life changing. I'll report back later.

- I'm really, really, really hoping that my internet will be back up and running my next week. Cross your fingers for me! in the meantime, having no internet access to suck up my free time will hopefully allow me to do more crafting. So hopefully when I'm back online on a regular basis, I'll actually have some substance to blog about!

'Til next Blog Friends, happy crafting!!

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  1. " that I can be alone with it." HAHAHAHA! I love mangoes and this type is my favourite - or at least from what I can find in this city. I hope you do like it or else I am going to be shamed. ;) It's ok, be honest. :D

    Have a great weekend! It was really awesome to have you (and your project/notions bags) at the party this year!


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