Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's an Irish Creamy Fudge Kind of Day

Irish Cream Fudge
Hello lovely Blog Friends! It seems like my posts are getting further and further apart lately. I think this has a lot to do with my lack of exciting events and things to report (due to my very boring life), and the lack of crafting. My weekend and week thus far have been uneventful (except for the Santa Claus Parade on Saturday) and have been riddled with errands, catching up, and pure exhaustion (on my part).

I did, however, make some fudge last night. Irish Cream fudge, to be exact. I used this recipe after reading a Ravelry forum about making sweet treats for swapping. I thought maybe I should try my hand at making something sweet (but not for swapping, I'm too selfish to share my sweets!). The recipe is quite easy, that is, until the Munchkin realized that I wasn't watching him dance his fancy dance moves, which was quickly remedied by letting him "type" away on the laptop to a program called Baby Type. So while he was busy talking and typing some serious stuff, I was able to pull off this fudge making.

Ok, I'll admit, the end product is absolutely delicious. A bit rich and quite sweet. But nonetheless, utterly dee-lish. With that said, I think I screwed up a step. On her show, Sugar, Anna Olson pours the fudge into a pan before letting it cool down and set. Mine, on the other hand, hand to be scooped out of the bowl and spread out in the pan, before letting it cool and set. I think having to sift the huge chunks of confectioners' sugar big time was probably letting the fudge cool down before I had the chance to put it in the pan. Note for next time: pre-sift the sugar. And maybe reduce the confectioners' sugar by a 1/4 cup.

Did I say next time? You bet I did! So my version doesn't look smooth and creamy, but that doesn't mean it ain't yummy. Even Brett thinks it's good, and who knows, maybe he's just doing his "gotta-make-Mommy-happy" duties. All I know is that I can't stop munching on this!

Nudge, nudge, where's the fudge?

In my tummy!!

(Sorry, I think I'm having a major sugar rush...)


  1. that looks delicious! I will definately be trying this recipe out for Christmas.

  2. The Munchkin writes your blog posts, doesn't he. Admit it!!!

    That fudge looks delicious! I have never made fudge before... why, I do not know!!!

    PS. I am bringing the rest of the bake-off-winning Oreo Truffles to knit night tomorrow. WOO!

  3. I've never had much success with fudgemaking , but that looks great. I might give it a shot.


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