Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Rows Forward, 10 Rows Back

That's how I currently feel about my knitting. I had taken a few days off from knitting so that I could give my hands a break (and so that I could hang out with my friend, Leana, who was here for a short visit), but last night I decided to go to knit night, since it was probably going to be my last for the year. I had made great progress on the Queen Bee cardigan, ending the knit night by finishing up the sleeve decreases.

Then I got home.

I picked up the pattern to read what to do next, and that's when I noticed it. Those dreaded words that so many knitters hate: "AT THE SAME TIME".

Sure, I had my sleeve decreases done, but did I also start the neck shaping while doing so?? And the part that kills me? I had even read ahead and knew that I was suppose to do the neck shaping at a certain point while knitting the sleeve decreases before I had cast on, but had completely and totally forgotten all about it when I got to that part. I was so determined and anxious to get this project done that I was knitting without thinking.

Sadly, I now have to tink back half of what I had knitted up last night just so that I can get that stupid neck shaping started. As much as I love this cardigan, I'm already bored of it and want to move onto the next project. But I had promised myself that I wouldn't start up anything new until I get this done. My hopes of having this finished in time to wear to Brett's company Christmas dinner, which is tomorrow night, is not going to happen. Le sigh.

Ok, I should go tackle this tinking back business before I lose all interest and this cardigan either gets put into time out (aka: thrown into the bottom of the proverbial knitting basket), or thrown into the trash. Remind me again why do I like to knit??


  1. Awww, sorry to hear this. How frustrating!

  2. I have done that so many times. Its so annoying!!!

  3. It's frustrating AND annoying!! Oh well. At least it's only a few rows and not like 3/4 of the entire project!!


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