Friday, November 12, 2010


Flu Meds
That's how I feel. Two weeks ago I had the flu, which then turned into a nasty cold, which then turned into bronchitis. So for the past week I've been hacking up my guts, feeling incredibly sore all over, and having a constant headache cause the coughing is so violent that my poor brain feels like it's been bouncing around in my head. Oh, and did I mention that my coughing is so strong that its been causing me to dry heave, and if I'm unlucky enough, to vomit anything and everything that I've eaten? Yeah...not fun, not fun at all!

So things have been really quiet around here. The coughing really zaps all the energy out of me and so my days have been filled with me feeling extremely exhausted, lightheaded, and weak. I think I've managed to knit maybe a few stitches here and there all week. I've been feeling a little better today, as in I have yet to upchuck anything that I've eaten so far, and I've even managed to go for quite the walk with the Munchkin without feeling completely wiped out at the end! This has me feeling quite confident that I'll be able to go to knit night tonight and not have to worry that I'm going to go into a coughing fit. Yay!!

I have a few projects nearing completion, so hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about other than this wretched sickness that seems to have taken over my life lately. For a craft/knitting blog, I don't have much content of either. And for that, I'm sorry! With that said, I'm going to go pack up my knitting and attempt to do some other crafty stuff while the kidlet is napping!

PS: Sorry for the utterly craptacular photo. I hate making a post without a photo. I'll make it up to y'all next time!

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