Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday it snowed. It rarely ever snows here in Victoria. At least not this time of year. And it was freezing cold. It was -6℃ and -14℃ with the wind chill, and there was 50-80 km/hr wind gusts happening at the same time. I know a lot of people would think those temperatures aren't a big deal, but you would if you were here to witness it. The cold here isn't the same as say, the interior or in the east. The cold here isn't a nice crisp cold that makes your nostrils stick together whenever you breath (like it did in Nelson, where I grew up...and I have to admit, I liked that feeling), the cold here is a wet cold that sticks to your bones and nips at you every chance it gets.

It wasn't even suppose to snow yesterday either. Or at least, all the weather forecasts that I've seen and read didn't call for snow. The little family and I had gone to do some errands in the early afternoon, and what should have been a 15 minute drive turned into an hour and a half one. At one point it took about 15 minutes to even go a block! I'm just glad that the Munchkin had fallen asleep and had stayed asleep the entire time! Brett was getting more and more frustrated the whole time, mainly from watching other drivers doing a lot of "driving don'ts"...ahh, the life of a driving instructor. I, in the meantime, did this:

Snow Knitting

That is, until my yarn ran out. Yes, I was stuck in traffic for a good 45 minutes and then had to wait in the car while Brett got the groceries (the kidlet was still sleeping and we didn't want to short-change his nap time!) without any knitting! Needless to say I was beyond bored!

It's still quite cold outside, I don't think I'll be going out any time soon and apparently it's suppose to snow heavily again tonight. I think I'm going to put the kettle on, pull on some nice woolie socks and a hoodie, and play with some yarn. I'm sure the Munchkin wouldn't protest against that. Well, maybe that last part.

Keep warm my friends!


  1. that is so cool! I love the snow. I just wish it would snow here but its not to be. I will always have to travel to get my snow fix!

  2. We've been experiencing some pretty chilly weather back in Iowa visiting our families... but I have a feeling we'll be getting snow soon out on the East Coast back home! And I can't wait!!!

  3. The snow sucked :( Unfortunately I am always the driver and only person in the vehicle, but you inspired me to keep a small project in the car now - you never know when I'll be stuck on the highway with the engine off!

  4. Kat:
    I guess cause I've grown up with quite harsh winter/snow conditions, that the novelty has worn off on me. Like the saying goes, you always want what you don't have is true!

    I can't believe that the east coast has yet to get snow! I always thought the west was the last to get the white stuff. But then again, you have such an amazing back yard that having snow would be awesome! ;)

    Yes, I ALWAYS make sure that I have a knitting project with me at all times. Especially when Brett used to have his old truck. That thing was so unreliable, that it worried me to go even a block without thinking it was going to break down!


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