Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PURPLE Success!

Purple Success
My knit-in for the Make Your Mark Purple Crying Cap Campaign on Sunday, October 24th was a success! Thank you so much for those who volunteered their time and knitted up a hat or two (or three in some cases, right Jennifer?) for a very good cause. I was seriously banking on only having maybe 3 or 4 people show up, so imagine my surprise when there was seven of us knitting away on these sweet little baby hats!!

I hope the others had as much fun as I did. Yes, the seats could've been a little more comfy considering that some of us had sat and knitted for 6 hours straight. But other than that, it felt like a regular knit night except we were all knitting away with purple yarn, making a difference. At the end of it all, as I was packing up those dear li'l hats to send off to BC Children's Hospital, I had counted 30 hats!! The above photo only shows 29 (for those who are counting!), I had a last minute addition an hour before I taped up the box.

I'll also be applying for the Make Your Mark grant on behalf of our efforts and am really hoping that $400 will be making its way to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC. So a huge, huge, HUGE thank you to Jennifer, Wendy, Nancy, Megan, Carolyn, Michelle, and Kanista! Thank you so much ladies for everything!!


  1. Great work! What a lovely way to donate to a good cause. The hats all look fantastic.

  2. Thanks for organizing, and sharing a photo of all the hats. I had fun and it felt really good to knit those hats.

  3. Kat:
    Thank you! If really does feel much better to actually dig in and "get your hands dirty" rather than writing out a check. I can't wait to do this again next year!

    No, THANK YOU for coming out and knitting some hats for this cause! I really wish I could make it to the Tuesday knitting group cause I don't get to see you enough!
    I agree though, it really did feel great to knit those hats. Are you in for next year? ;)


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