Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ah-ha! Again!

Echino Project Bags
I absolutely love having "ah-ha" moments. Don't you? My most recent one happened a few days ago while washing dishes. I forget exactly what it was that I was doing at the time, all I know was that I was thinking about pattern drafting (something that I have done in ages, sadly) and geometry for some strange reason. Then it hit me, the reason why I takes me so long to sew up a certain part on my projects bag!! Why I didn't think about before, or why I didn't see it while I was actually sewing it before it beyond me. But it's all about simple mathematics! Ah-ha!

I'm still on a project bag sewing kick. Every time I see a fabric in my stash I think about what a great project bag it would make. Before you know it, I'm cutting it up and setting it aside for when I have a few minutes to sit at my beloved sewing machine and sew a few seams. Brett is convinced that the reason why I start so many knitting projects is so that I can sew up a bag for each project. Hmm...maybe?

Projec Bags

I'm sure you're all sick and tired of seeing nothing but project bags on this here blog. But bare with me. These bags are the perfect little project to sew up while the little one naps. And it feeds my sewing urges. Now if I can only get the urge to sew some clothing up...


  1. I seriously love these project bags of yours! I want some for my many on going projects. wish I was as talented as you to sew up some of my own.

  2. it ALWAYS comes down to the math... remember that kids

  3. Lana:
    I'll let you know as soon as I get more sewn up. Most of the ones that I have made have already gone on to new homes. I should have a new batch ready by early December?

    Hahahaha...oh you! ;)

  4. Mellisa these are awesome!! I would totally use one and what a great gift idea!! Way cool!


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