Saturday, October 16, 2010


Cuts of Fabric

Even though I have a ton of knitting WIPs, I haven't been doing much knitting lately. Aside from working on the Simple & SweetGeorgia at knit night both Tuesday and last night, and the random row here and there on a PURPLE baby hat (I'm onto hat #11 now!), I've decided that my hands deserved a much needed break. Yes, yes, I know all about repetitve motion syndrome and the injuries related to it. I have been doing stretches before, during, and after knitting, as well as throughout the day. I understand that I need to take this break if I plan on continuing with this knitting, and so I've gone back to my crafty roots and have been doing some sewing...and when I can't be at the sewing machine I've been doing (gasp!) some weaving.

Unfortunately there's not much to show. I did whip up a drawstring project bag on Thursday so that it would match my purple yarns for the baby hats.

Drawstring Project Bag

I couldn't find 1/4" wide purple ribbon in my stash, so I'm temporarily using some cotton yarn to act as the drawstring. I'm not happy with the pocket, I think I did quite the shoddy job on it, but other than that little defect I'm quite happy with the bag. Not a bad job considering that I spent 15 minutes tops on cutting and sewing. I had literally whipped this up right before Brett had to leave for work, when there was someone to (kinda) watch over the Munchkin (since he needs to know exactly where Mommy is at all times and must be millimetres away from where Mommy is if he isn't already clutching a limb belonging to Mommy. Which means he was standing right behind me, holding onto my chair the entire time I was sewing!).

Drawstring Project Bag - Closed

I've also been doing some other sewing, but don't have anything to show for it other than the photo above, since nothing has been completed yet. I've been sewing it up all "piece work" styles. So at the end of the parade I should end up with at least 18 finished items! But don't get all excited, they're all the same thing. I have to admit, even though I haven't churned out anything after all this sewing, it's been super duper nice to be sitting in front of my sewing machine. I missed the days where I was able to be at my sewing machine for an entire day. Where I was able to sew my arse off and be able to sew well into the wee hours of the morning without anyone complaining. Ahh...those were the days...

Hopefully I'll have more to show the next time I blog, this is probably THE most boring post I've ever written to date! And for that, I'm deeply sorry. I'll try to make up for it!

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  1. I'll be at knit night this Tuesday!!! BRING IT THE SWEATER!!! It looks like heaven in fiber format!


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