Thursday, October 7, 2010



It's been quiet 'round these parts. Both in life and on the crafting front. Aside from beer knitting Monday night (which was a butt load of fun, thanks again Mary for organizing it!), I haven't been doing much knitting. There was even a day where I didn't knit at all! How crazy is that? Not that there's a shortage of projects either. It's WIP city here. There's piles of knitting and sewing projects in my crafting closet that are begging to be worked on. If only I can get to them. A huge reason why nothing has been going on: Brett and I have been dealing with the "Terrible Twos". Yep. Weeks before the Munchkin even turned two he's been throwing tantrum after tantrum over the smallest things and some times over absolutely nothing at all! He's also going through a phase where he doesn't want to eat or sleep, and is definitely testing out the boundaries. Ah, life with a toddler.

The little knitting that I did do went towards the Simple & SweetGeorgia Pullover. Yes, that's right, I dug this project out from under the pile of other knitting WIPs and decided to give it some proper attention. I have been procrastinating on having to do any hand sewing, and that's why it got pushed to the bottom of the pile. I finally sucked it up and spent an hour doing all the sewing up it needed to progress any further. I'm getting excited about this pullover again, now that I only have the neck and armhole ribbing to do before I can call this one finito. I've managed to pick up the million stitches for the neck, and now it's onto the 7 inches of ribbing. Yeah...that's going to take a while!

I also managed to squeeze in an hour of sewing time last week. Nothing overly exciting but I did succeed in whipping up another project bag. It's similar to the pink project bag that I had sewn up a while ago, but in black.

Black Echino Pigs Project Bag - Handle

Unfortunately I didn't have it too long in my possession. It has now moved on to a better life in the hands of Natalie!

I have a bunch more bags cut out (I like having all my knitting projects in their own bags), so stay tuned for those. I'm planning on not knitting for a few days so that I can give my hands and wrists a break (they've been a bit sore lately...eep!), so I've brought out my domestic sewing machine in hopes of doing some sewing in living room. I just hope that this li'l guy can handle the work load. It's a really old and basic Kenmore that's probably eons older than me. I know that it's at least 30 years old. It used to belong to my mom, who has never sewn a stitch in her life. To this day she has no idea where it came from. I'm hoping to give it a whirl tonight and see just how loud it is and if anyone (ie. the miserable troll that lives downstairs) complains about it. I have a gut feeling that this poor machine won't be able to handle anything more than the simple task of sewing a thin cotton fabric to another thin cotton fabric. Oh well, guess we'll just have to wait and see!

'Til then, hope everyone's been having a tantrum-free week thus far!


  1. And I LOVE my bag!!!! It's holding my current knitting project and it's great knowing that it's safe and sound in there instead of tossing around in my purse :P I was admiring the finishing on the inside today :D Also, I wore my yellow manon cardi today!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. YAY!! I'm so glad you love it!! :) It makes me happy to know that what I've made is making someone else happy...and the fact that the bag is getting used!


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