Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting in Some Last Minute Summer Fun

Labour Day weekend is almost over and its taking summer with it. The Okanagan is usually super sunny and hot, but the last few days have been dreary, windy, and cold! We've lucked out that it would only rain in the middle of the night, saving us from the lack of rain gear that we didn't think we needed to pack. I took the above photo on my iPhone of the Munchkin getting in some play time at the nearby park. That day was the last day that could truly be called summer. It was seriously hot with nary a cloud in the sky. Absolutely perfect summer time weather.

In the meantime, our trip is also winding down and Brett and I are scrambling to fit in last minute visits with friends. I'm sad to report that I haven't done as much knitting as I thought I would do (the Munchkin demands that I watch him play with his toy golf set/spin in circles with a banana in his hand/points at the fish in the pond and to be his gofer and retrieve the ball/shoe/club/toy when he throws it down the stairs. I had also bought along with me my cutting mat, rotary cutter, a stack of fabric and notions in hopes of doing some sewing. Yeah...I haven't even taken the cutting mat out of the trunk of the car cause I've been either falling asleep when the little one does or sitting outside under the stars enjoying the green lush grass between my toes (compared to Victoria's dead, yellowing straw that used to be grass). I'm really hoping that when we get back to the island that there is some sun left, and maybe a few more nice days.

Oh summer, please don't leave us already!!

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