Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished: Kawaii Project Bag

Kawaii Project Bag 2

Hey look! An FO that I had completely forgotten to blog about! And a sewing one at that! I'm sure you're all happy to finally see an FO amongst all the knitterly WIPs that I've been blogging about lately. This project bag is old news to my knitting group, who have all seen this since the middle of August, when I finally got some time to spend with my beloved sewing machine.

Some people have asked why it's so hard for me to find the time to sew, especially when there are other moms out there in blogland that have more than one kid, blog on a daily basis, have an online shop, book deals, guest blog on other blogs, and have finished sewn items on a weekly basis amongst other things - versus my one lonely child and none of those other responsibilities. Well, let me tell you my deal. I'm the main caregiver to the Munchkin, I work a few mornings on the weekends at an actual job - which I do solely as a way to get out of the house and to socialize with adults, to feel somewhat "normal" if you will. Tuesdays I work the morning shift and when I get home Brett then starts his work week. Friday nights is when I meet up with my knitting group - that's my "me time". I don't ever want to deny my son his mommy time, not during these first few crucial years. So I don't feel right dumping him in the middle of a pile of toys or parking him in front of the TV just so that I can sew. Don't get me wrong, I do let him watch his kiddie movies or let him continue to play by himself so that I could throw another load of laundry in the wash or dryer, or so that I could do dishes or whatever household chore that needs to be done.

When we're not at the playground, going for walks, finger painting in the kitchen, or doing something that demands my complete and total attention, I am able to knit for a bit. It's much easier to pick up the needles and knit a few stitches here and there, rather than to run over to the sewing machine and sew a seam. I don't have the luxury of having grandparents or any other family member around who can take the kidlet for a few hours a week so that I can have time to do what I want. As sad as it is to say, in the past two years since the Munchkin has been born, Brett and I have had only 3 moments where we were alone and could do couples stuff.

The little one doesn't take long naps. Maybe an hour, hour half tops. In that time I usually plop down on the couch and take a breather. Maybe check my email, make a cup of tea...time that I definitely enjoy the peace and quiet. When the wee one (finally) goes to sleep at night, Brett and I spend some time talking about our day, make and/or eat dinner, and just spend the time where we're able to be together. By then it's a little on the later side of the evening, and in my building complex our designated "quiet time" is between 10pm-9am. So you better believe that the troll that lives below me is ready with her broomstick in case I decide to sneeze at 10pm on the dot. All of which makes sewing at night out of the question. So...this all means that I have to plan my sewing time. As in Brett and I have to make the time for when I can sew. When a date and time is set I try to get all the prep work done ahead of time so that when I have the opportunity to be kidlet-free, I can just sew. Although when I do get the chance to sew it's for no longer than an hour or two. It's not much, but still better than nothing. So there you go.

Back to the project bag. I got the fabric at Satin Moon Quilt Shop a few months ago. I have a thing about Japanese prints and fabrics, and so this print was definitely right up my alley. I had bought only a metre of it cause Satin Moon is quite the pricey shop. Not only am I major fan of the print, but the colourway is sooo me. Don't you think? I had some pink cotton in my stash that matches the pink in the print perfectly. I finished the inside seams in black (which you can't see cause I didn't photograph the inside) which I think adds to the entire look.

Kawaii Project Bag - Fabric

I made the bag so that I could try out a different weight of fusing, which it turns out is way too light for my liking. I like my bags to have some weight to it and keep its structure even when not in use. The fusing I used this time 'round made the bag way too flimsy and makes the zipper 'sink'too much when it's not filled to the max. The bag is still big enough to fit 2 big cakes of yarn, a notions case, and a sock in progress.

Kawaii Project Bag - Open

My favourite thing about this bag: the handle. More specifically, the cool flower with the shades and the star on one of its leafs:
Kawaii Project Bag - Handle

I had cut the fabric out so that the flower could be on the side of my label. I'm definitely planning on making another bag in this fabric, but with a heavier weight fusing. And maybe cut the fabric in a different direction. I had cut it lengthwise cause I didn't want to lose the effect of the graphics, but now that I've toted this bag around a few times I think I would like to see the print better vertically for when it's on a table.

Just hope I get some more sewing time soon!

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