Friday, September 24, 2010

Fickle Friday


I feel like things have been quite helter skelter around here lately. Or maybe it's just me. Actually, I know it's me. I haven't been able to turn my brain off since the end of last month and I can't seem to keep my mind on one thought for longer than 2 seconds. Even my sleep has been affected by my busy brain. So I figured I would keep to the theme of my fickle brain and have this post be in point form, rather than try ro make everything make sense. If you end up confused by the end of this post, I'm sorry. But I'm sure I'm probably just as confused as you are!

1. I'm not sure if it's the change in season and/or the weather, but my fickle brain is at it again - I have Starteritis. I currently have like 6-7 projects on the needles as we speak, and I've been wanting to start up a few more. The only thing preventing me from starting more projects is the lack of knitting needles.

2. I also have a bunch of sewing projects cut out, waiting next to my sewing machine. Dying to be sewn up. I'm going to have to sit down and plan out some sewing time. That is, if I can put down the knitting needles long enoug to do so.

3. My goal was to knit a few rounds or rows on each project each day. So far it's been working out, but still am not close to the finishing line for any of the projects. I have a feeling this method of project time management is going to result in having no finished objects any time soon.

4. My hands and wrists have been a little sore lately. I'm thinking I should buy a wrist/hand brace this weekend. I figured it wouldn't hurt (no pun intended) to do so, since I'm always knitting, I'm on the computer quite a bit, and even my job requires me to do a lot of repetitive motions. Last thing I want is to have to stop knitting altogether because of the pain.

5. I think it's so cute that my son's current favourite book is my Creepy Cute Crochet book. Brett thinks this is the Munchkin's first step into the art of yarn. I think he just likes the pictures.

6. Ideas are flying through my brain faster than I can get them down into my sketchbook. I'm sure the process would go by a lot faster if I just put down the knitting needles.

7. I've veered off track in getting my 101 goals (slowly) completed. So I decided to dedicate my time next month to knit for charity. Then I can tick off "Donate time or $25 to charity" off my list.

8. I already got a head start in my charity knitting by whipping up 3 baby hats with a fourth already on the needles (as pictured above).

9. I'm wondering if I should make the month of October, "Socktober". I have so many sock patterns that I want to knit up that maybe this will be the perfect opportunity to get at least half of that list knitted up.

10. I'm still knitting away on my Log Cabin blanket. It feels like it's not getting any bigger, and I still have 2 skeins of each colour still to go through. I think this black hole type knitting is happening solely cause I have 3 other blanket ideas that I want to knit up.

11. I'm contemplating starting those 3 other blankets anyways. That's how badly I want them.

12. I'm in love with these giant urchin poufs. So much so that I want to knit a ton of them up. Coincidentally, I found a pattern for something like this on Ravelry.

13. I'm resisting the urge to cast on a giant urchin pouf.

14. Ok, my thoughts about maybe buying a wrist brace has turned into I have to buy a wrist brace.

15. All week I've been obsessed with eating tortilla chips with 7 layer dip and salsa.

16. I'm hoping this food obsession doesn't last that long.

17. I'm also hoping this scatterbrain phase will sort itself out. And fast. I'm not a fan of this chicken with its head chopped off style knitting.

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  1. maybe your scatter-brained self needs to be taken out by a friend? I want to return your tapestry needle and maybe treat you to a tea for the trouble. free tomorrow at all?


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