Saturday, September 11, 2010

At Knit's End


Life is somewhat back to normal 'round here. As normal as it can be after being on "vacation" for over a week, that is. There is still a lot of laundry that needs to be done, but that's only because I ran out of detergent and haven't gotten around to buying some more. The fridge finally has some food in it, but we have yet to get back into the routine of meal planning. There's still a ton of toys all over the place, but I'm sure that'll remain a constant until the kidlet is too old to play with toys. Speaking of the kidlet, he's beyond happy to be back home and hasn't had a single tantrum or crying spell since we've been back. If anything, he's gained some independence and I've been able to do dishes, a load of laundry, cook a meal, knit a few rows, without him tugging at me constantly begging for attention. Since we've been back he's been able to happily play with his toys, push his toy wheelbarrow around (it's just too cute for words, trust me!), sit on the couch and watch one of his kiddie movies (I know, I know...great parenting right there), and
scoot around on his John Deere scooter all by himself for at least 10-15 minutes at a time. It's been glorious. It also shows just how fast he's maturing and growing up. My baby!

Ok, before I start getting all sentimental and sappy, let's move on. In the meantime I've been trying to catch up on my knitting. And by catching up, I mean trying to get current projects finished as fast as I'm starting them. Yes, I can feel another bout of Starteritis about to flare up. I know I've mentioned this before, but it has gotten worse with the change in the weather! The above photo shows a project that I had started while on the road (and vow to finish before the weekend is over!), on top of a stack of books and magazines that I need to get through before this wave of inspiration passes. I just hope that I can get all my thoughts, ideas, and future project concepts written and sketched out in my sketchbook before they leave my head!

While trying to knit up a storm I've been listening to my new audiobook, gifted to me by my MIL, which I've finally managed to upload onto my iPhone. Both Brett and my MIL thought this was quite the fitting book for me, considering the title of it:

At Knit's End Audiobook

Neither of them knew that I actually know who Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is and that I actually read her blog on a regular basis. My MIL just thought the title was too sweet to pass up. I don't think this could have come at a better time, since I need to get back on track with my 101 goals and trying to get 50 books read or listened to. I only have 5 books under my belt. I guess I better get crackin'. And knitting!


  1. so nice to see you last night - love your new banner title photo too!

  2. Thanks Nat! I took that photo a few months ago when Brett and I took the munchkin up to French beach.

    It was great to finally see you too! It feels like it has been forever since I saw you last! Hopefully I'll get to see you on a regular basis?


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