Sunday, August 8, 2010


Rainy Day
Yesterday was the first rainy day that we've had in months. I find it a bit funny that all the weather reports were actually right (for once!), since I found it odd that it would be so dreary for one day. But sure enough, it was nice on Friday and it's nice today so it's a distant memory that for one day it was gross. Of course, that gross day just had to happen on the day that Brett's annual driving instructors/examiners golf tournament was suppose to take place. That's right, I said suppose to. The tournament was canceled! Poor guy was looking forward to this event all summer. I felt so bad for him that when he came home in the afternoon all dejected I suggested that maybe he should take the opportunity to go hit some balls anyways at the driving range. It wasn't the same, but at least he got to use his clubs!

I don't hate the rain, but yesterday's wet weather really threw me off. It seriously felt like mid-October and had kinda put me in a weird funk. It was definitely a good day to stay inside, watch DVDs, knit, and drink tea all day. And that's what I was planning to do, except my son had an agenda of his own. The kidlet really, really, really wanted to go outside and since Brett was so happy that he got to at least go to the driving range, he volunteered to go outside with the Munchkin while I sat and knit. So the Munchkin got all decked out in his rain gear and had quite the hay day running and stomping through puddles. Brett managed to take some great photos and even a video before the Munchkin fell flat on his butt in the biggest puddle, soaking himself straight to the bone! Needless to say, that was when both Father and Son had to come inside and call it a day...or so you would think. After the Munchkin's nap he was very adamant about going outside...again! Being the trooper that he is, Brett got him all dressed up again and headed outside for some more puddle fun. I guess they had too much fun cause they were both fast asleep by 8:30pm!!

I guess not all rainy days are dreary and bad. Even Brett agrees.

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