Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Handles 2
Here's my proof that I really did get to do some sewing. I didn't get the chance to finish anything though, since my time was very, very limited. As in half an hour. Oh well, I'm just happy that I even got the chance to sit down and actually use my sewing machine rather than just sitting in front of it petting and whispering to it that one day I will get to use her again! I'm really hoping that I'll get the chance to do some more sewing today. Brett had promised that I would get that chance, but then this morning he volunteered to go get sand for the sand box for the Munchkin's toddler group at our community centre. I can't get mad at him for that, as it's a deed for a very good cause.

I was just hoping that I could finish at least one thing this week before I went on vacation! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...cross your fingers for me too!

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