Thursday, August 12, 2010


Beach Time
I was tagged by the lovely Kat of Kat's Creations at the beginning of the week to do a meme about the 10 things that make you happy. Since I had completely forgotten to do the other meme that she had tagged me to do ages ago, I figured I can make it up to her by actually doing this one! This meme is so easy, I should be able to do it!

So my 10 things are:

1. My boys! Ok, this is kinda cheating, but I couldn't name one over the other since they both make me equally happy! If it weren't for Brett making me happy, then we wouldn't have the Munchkin to make me just as happy!

2. Spending quality family time with Brett and the Munchkin! With Brett working so much sometimes it's hard for the 3 of us to spend proper time together, that doesn't involve chores and errands. Like most recently Brett and I spent a good 15 minutes in our bed tickling the Munchkin and goofing around with him, before spending the next half hour playing "hide from Daddy in the cardboard house".

3. The Munchkin's laugh! Hearing my son giggle and laugh with sheer glee makes my heart flutter with pure happiness. Enough said.

Summer vacations! Brett has 2 weeks vacation coming up and so we'll be heading to the Okanagan for a wedding and for some much needed down time. We're definitely looking forward to warmer weather, taking the kidlet to the lake, lounging around, lazy mornings, BBQs, and maybe hitting a few buckets at the driving range!

5. Knit nights! Spending a few hours with lovely ladies of similar minds while sipping coffee and eating cheesecake. What more can I say? I just wish I could spend more time with my knitterly friends instead of just 2 hours a week.

6. Knitting! It's my little piece of sanity in the chaos that is my world. Even if I only get to knit a few stitches here and there, or a row during a break (or 2 rows while waiting in line at the new Super Walmart), knitting has helped me to remain calm, patient, and lessens the urge to kill.

7. Yarn! Ok, so you'd think that yarn and knitting would be considered one thing, but it isn't! Buying yarn, obtaining yarn, looking at yarn, holding yarn, molesting all makes me happy. Sometimes, I like to open my bedroom closet and look at my stash just before I go to bed...shhh!

8. Fabric! Even though I haven't been able to sew lately (stupid evil downstairs troll!), I still love to look and shop for fabric. Sometimes, I like to go into my sewing closet and fondle various fabrics and think about what I would like them to eventually become.

9. Sewing! If I ever get around to touching my machines again...sewing takes me to a happy place that I never get to go to anymore. Boo erns for me.

10. Baking! I baked those apple pies and the yummy smells that emitted from the oven was sheer heaven. Makes me excited for when the Munchkin gets older and I can bake him and his friends goodies, and send him off to school with cupcakes...Hmm...maybe I should start enrolling him into some physical activities before my baking turns him into a Butterball.

Ok, my turn to tag people! Since I'm feeling too tired and lazy to look up a bunch of links, I'm only going to tag a few people...and they are:

Mae of Eat, Run, Knit

Stephanie of Grey

Kat of Neither Here Nor There

Now if I can only remember to tell them that I've tagged them!


  1. Hahah you don't have to tell me you've tagged me, I saw it :) Will have a think on it and write my list! Are you guys coming through Vancouver at all on the way to the wedding?

  2. what a lovely list! And i forgive you for not doing the other meme :P


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