Thursday, July 15, 2010

WIP: Manu Update

Progress on Manu is very slow going. Yet I'm über happy to report that I managed to finally get through the 30+ inches of stockinette!! The last 20 inches or so was the round! Talk about mind numbing knitting or what? I'm all for mindless knitting - when you need it - like while watching a movie, waiting at the doctor's office, on a break at work...but to have 75% of the project to be mindless?? Yeah, my brain needed wake up calls here and there! Hence why I had deviated from this project a few times to knit up other, more instant gratifying projects like the Akimbo, and the almost finished German Skews.

I was practically jumping for joy when I finished the second sleeve and was (finally!!) able to join the sleeves to the body to start the yoke. Now I'm working on the short rows...if you can even call it that. If by short you mean over 200 stitches per row!! Ack! Oh well, at least the knitting is interesting again and is starting to resemble a garment. As Megan from the Tuesday knit night says, I just have to keep reminding myself that it'll be lovely when it's finished. I'm just hoping that it fits by the time it is! Now that the sleeves are joined up with the body and 10 short rows have been knitted up so far, I'm starting to wonder if I should have made the XXS size rather than the XS. I really shouldn't jump the gun yet. Knowing my luck, by the time this is finished I will realize that I should have gone a size up. I have a tendency to think of my size in extremes. Either I think I'm much, much smaller than I really am, or I think I am a behemoth of an elephant and make myself a garment that can fit Jared pre-Subway diet.

Hmm...I guess we'll find out!


  1. Your Manu is looking good! I'm still kind of scared to start it even though I have the yarn and pattern all ready to go. I also love your nice yarn stash. None of my friends understand my need for buying more yarn when my stash is overflowing as it is. lol. Can't wait to see the Manu when it's done.

  2. Thank you so much Lana! :)

    You shouldn't be scared at all to start your Manu! I kid you not, it's actually a very easy peasy pattern. I was a little nervous when I started mine, simply cause I thought it would be a little more intermediate than where I'm at in my knitting skills (it was the pleats that I thought would do me in) but I was so wrong. I'm almost done with the pleats (which are sooo easy, I laughed) and can finally see the end of the tunnel. What I will tell you though, is Manu is very time consuming. Maybe you are a fast knitter though, and you'll fly through this cardigan no problem. But for me, I was slow, slow, slow. I just find the endless amounts of stockinette to be the killer.

    Also, thank you for your lovely comment about my stash! I don't think anyone who is not a knitter/crocheter/person who has space-consuming hobby will ever understand the need for more yarn. I simply related to a friend of mine who scrapbooks that each and every piece of paper, chipboard, brad, etc, that she buys and collects "just in case" is the same thing as me buying more yarn..."just in case". :)


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