Friday, July 23, 2010

Reasons to love summer

I've been really lacking in the blogging department lately. Solely for the fact that for once I actually have places to go, people to see! This past weekend felt like what my weekends used to be like pre-Munchkin. I'm just overly grateful that Brett has been so wonderful and willing to look after the Munchkin without a single complaint while I go have a normal social life, even though he's beyond exhausted from working full 10-12 hour days for the past month. Brett is definitely a keeper!!

The weekend started with a relaxing knit night on Friday. Even though there were only 3 of us (summertime usually dwindles our numbers down quite substantially), it was a fun and relaxing night with good conversation and the chance to work on Manu for a bit. On Saturday the Munchkin and I had a relaxing day enjoying the sun and going for a long walk that resulted in a yarn purchase for a cape (note to self: do NOT go into a yarn shop to "see what new things they have"). I seriously need to stop enabling myself and should really stop going into yarn shops, yarn-related websites, and possibly stop talking to people who have anything to do with yarn. My wallet seriously cannot handle it any more!!

Anyhoo, Sunday I went to a Bitchy Bees potluck, hosted by the lovely Becky. Only the hardcore Bees had shown up, but it was all good. There was so much good food (can you say oh-so-yummy pearl bocconcini cheese and strawberry salad in a balsamic dressing? How about white chocolate dipped strawberries drizzled with milk chocolate?), good weather, good conversation, and all with good peeps. How could the day go wrong? Not to mention that a hellava lot of knitting took place! That just makes an awesome day even more fabulous!! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. I had bought along my camera but was so caught up in my knitting that I completely forgot to even take out my camera in case photo ops should arise. I'm also sad to say that I didn't make much progress on Manu for several reasons. The first reason was cause I was working on a now frogged shawl that looked wrong and I spent the first half hour of the potluck trying to figure out what was wrong with it (I had most likely forgotten several yarn overs somewhere in the beginning, resulting in one side of the shawl to have 8 more stitches than the other side!). The second reason: I took a lot of time to eat. Not only did I have seconds on all the food, but I hovered over the food table munching away. Then came the desserts, which consisted of fresh, straight from the oven apple pies (thanks Natalie! You must share the recipe with me!) and a sinful Murchies Chocolate Raspberry Dome cake. Pure heaven! We got the best of both worlds! Ok, and the third reason why Manu didn't make much progress: I was so engaged in the conversation topic taking place that I had somehow managed to royally mess up the very last wrap & turn of a short row. I messed it up so badly that it took me about an hour, maybe 2, to try to figure it out. Instead I got the lovely Jennifer to take a quick peek at it cause I realized that I kept doing the same thing over and over again in a very sad attempt to fix it. I needed fresh eyes to see what I couldn't. In a matter of seconds Jennifer had it figured out (thanks Jennifer! I would most likely still be trying to fix it to this day!!). But now the knitting is back on track. So moving on.

Monday evening I went to a staff potluck. I've missed the past few outtings with my co-workers cause of lack of childcare and/or I was just way too tired to make it out. This time I really had no excuse, since the potluck was being held by a co-worker/neighbour that lives just across the courtyard from me. I have to admit, I miss hanging out with co-workers. When I lived in Vancouver my co-workers there and I used to meet up all the time for a burger and/or poutine (sooo yummy! Sooo fattening!) and a pint (ok, so really it would be pitchers) of beer. It was really nice to bond with my fellow employees outside of the work place and to see them in a different light. It was also nice to talk shop with people who really do know what you're talking about. I normally don't drink, mainly cause I'm still breastfeeding the Munchkin, but since Brett was taking care of him and by the time I got home the wee one would be fast asleep I figured it was safe for me to have a glass of sangria...or two! Man, those glasses made me realized just how much I miss a good glass of wine...and a good pitcher of sangria!

My weekend ended Tuesday night (yes, Tuesdays don't count as part of the weekend, but it does for me!). Brett had to teach a day class and was off work early enough that I could make it to probably the last Tuesday knit night I can go to for a while. I had brought along Manu to work on, but realized that I didn't bring my Knit Picks interchangeable set. Which meant that I couldn't do any knitting on Manu. I'm starting to think that the universe does not want me to finish this cardigan! Lucky for me I had brought along my German Skews to work on in case I got tired of the endless stockinette on Manu.

This week has gone by so fast that I'm actually quite surprised that it's Friday already! I don't have anything planned for this weekend other than work and heading out to tonight's knit night, which is being held at a different location before we all move on over to the park for some park knitting. Brett has decided that since last weekend was all about me, this weekend he should be allowed to go golfing without a fight. I think he deserves it.

** The photo at the beginning of the post was taken by Brett, when he took the Munchkin to the beach for the first time on Sunday. Apparently the wee one is a natural beach bum and had the time of his life! I just wish I was there to see him squish his toes in the sand for the very first time. My sweet little boy!

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