Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP: A Skew!

Yes, another knitting post and another WIP...a sock WIP at that! I've actually been working on this project steadily non-stop since last month. Fellow Bitchy Bee and owner/creator/dyer extraordinaire Ursa from Gaia's Colours had asked me if I was willing to test knit some self-striping yarn for her. Ursa hasn't tried dyeing self-striping yarn before and wanted to make sure it really did self-stripe to see if she needed to tweak her technique and before dyeing up a ton of sock yarn. To sweeten the deal she dyed my skein of yarn hot pink and black!! Um, can I resist that and say no?? Hell no!! My favorite colors and free yarn?? Of course I jumped on the opportunity!!

My original plan was to knit a basic toe-up pattern so that the yarn can be the main focal point, and toe-up so that I can use every single centimeter of the yarn. But while winding the yarn into a cake (ooohhh...and was I ever mesmerized!! Sooo pretty!!) I was having second thoughts. While divvying up the yarn cake into 2 balls I decided to not do a basic sock (this is the second time the basic sock pattern was looked over...I have an inkling that it will never get knitted up) and do the pattern that I have had an obsession eye on ever since it was published last year. After some (pointless) debating (my mind was set, why was I trying to talk myself out of it?) I finally settled on the "it" sock pattern du jour: Skew.

I also decided to knit both socks at the same time, using 2 circular needles - a technique that I've never done before. Another technique that I've never done and am now completely in love with: Judy's Magic Cast-On. I watched this video by Cat Bordhi (I'm a visual learner) and nailed it right off the bat. Not only did I know I was doing it correctly, but I also knew that this certain cast-on must be the shit if Cat Bordhi was demonstrating/praising it. I mean, it's Cat Bordhi! The woman knows her stuff!

Anyways, the start of the socks was a bit slow but I think doing 2 at a time was the reason behind that...and the fact that the toes didn't look anything like a normal sock toe. So I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I had to look at some socks in progress photos on Ravelry to make sure I was on the right path. I continued knitting on both socks until it was time to start making them for their prospective foot. I started with the left sock since that was the first side mentioned in the pattern. For a while there I couldn't see how the heel was working out until you did the origami "magic moment". It was a complete "ah-ha" moment.

I have to admit that this pattern is super addictive. I'm already thinking and planning which yarn from the stash to use for the next pair...ok, that's a lie. I'm thinking of several yarns that I want to use for the million pairs that I plan on knitting up. A little obsessed? Yes. Yes, I am. I would love to have a sock drawer full of Skews. So on that note I should finish these bad boys up. I promised Ursa that I would have them for her on Friday at knit night so that she can use them for the upcoming Victoria Fibre Fest fashion show that will be taking place on June 18th, and then for her display at her booth at the Saxe Pointe Market the next day.

'Til next time, Happy Knitting!

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