Friday, June 4, 2010

101 Update

I realized that I have yet to give an update as to how my 101 goals in 1001 days is coming along. So far the list is 13% completed and I have 824 days left to get the other 87% done. I'm really hoping that I can do it, although, some goals might have to be modified cause I no longer have the means to do them (such as doing projects from a book that I no longer have). But we'll see. Currently this is what's going on:

Done, done, done!!:

- Knit a pair of socks
- Write/sketch in my sketchbook every day for 2 weeks
- Buy a new vacuum
- Get more thick black hangers for the bedroom closet (I'm very particular about what my closet looks like!)
- Make my own vanilla extract (which I still need to try out!)
- Take a multi-vitamin every day for a month (I was only taking supplements)
- Go to an Eves of Destruction roller derby bout
- Buy a swift
- Learn how to spin wool using a drop spindle
- Participate in a craft swap
- Don't drink root beer for a week
- Don't drink root beer or any other soda/carbonated beverage for a month
- Personal item**

The root beer and soda goals were necessary. I normally don't drink pop, I was never a Coke or a Pepsi fan and would prefer root beer if I had to drink such beverages. But for a while there I was having uncontrollable urges to drink numerous cans of Barq's at a very unhealthy rate. Since pop depletes your system of water, I wanted to make it a goal to stop drinking the stuff. I'm proud to say that it's been a few months now and I don't have a single desire to touch the carbonated crap. Woot woot for me!

As for the teaching myself how to knit continental style, well, that's a bit slow going. I decided to do it cause it's the more "efficient" way to knit (meaning, faster!). So I've been practicing by knitting dish cloths! I've only got 1 and a half done, my hands aren't used to this method of knitting and so they've been cramping up and completely disagreeing with what I'm trying to make them do. I'll write another post to tell you my tales of how this "thrower" is trying to knit continental later.

I wasn't sure if I should have added the craft swap one in the finished section or not, since the swap is not technically over. But I have sent off my package, my swap partner has received it, and I'm patiently waiting for mine (Fifty bucks says that it's stuck in customs). I also wasn't sure if this swap counts as a "craft" swap per se, since I'm not crafting anything personally for my swap partner. It's a Knitter's Coffee swap so the package needs to include yarn and coffee. I figure the yarn could be the crafty part of the goal...yeah...that's it. Hey, my goals, my rules. Moving on.

In progress:

- Save $5 for every goal completed
- Read 50 books: so far am 5/50
- Make 10 items in my Ravelry queue (only completed items qualify!!): currently have 4 down
- Knit 10 sweaters/cardigans (only completed items qualify): currently just 1
- Knit a project that involves lace work: currently on the needles is a Leaf Lace Yoke top, I'm not sure if that's "cheating" but if it helps, I do plan on knitting up an Ishbel this summer to wear to a wedding that I'll be attending in September
- Teach myself how to knit continental style
- Have 30 handmade items of clothing in my wardrobe (recently made, as in the past 2 years!): 3/30
- Save up all my tips for a year to buy something completely and totally expensive and frivolous without feeling guilty for it
- Start a new sketchbook and use each and every single page within a year
- Knit Brett a Mexican wrestler's mask: almost done!
- Make 10 different banners for the blog: 6/10...but some feel like repeats, so in my mind it's 4/10

Ok, note to self: DON'T make goals that have you make an x amount items for the goal to be complete. That's just waaayyyy too time consuming. If I'm going to do it again in the future (and I'm pretty sure this 101 in 1001 thing is going to be an ongoing life-long staple), make sure I only do a couple...not every second goal!

With that said, I better get back to crafting if I want some of these goals to be added to the done list!

Happy Crafting!!

**Sorry, there are just some things that I just can't blog about, as it has more to do with my family than just I feel like I should delve this info without the consent of all involved. Thanks for understanding!!


  1. You are doing really well! I just did an update on my 101 the other day. I am feeling pretty good about it all. Like you I am considering changing a couple but like you said my goals, my rules!

  2. Thanks Kat! I've been reading all your goal accomplishments and it makes me feel like I've got nothing done!


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