Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP: Leaf Yoke Top Update

The last time I posted about this project I was almost finished this top before realizing that I was using a needle 2 sizes too small and had ripped up the entire body and started over. Well, a month and a bit later and here I am, back to where I was at the start of that last post. Since I had pretty much knitted this top up before, the second time was super fast and I managed to knit the body up within a matter of a week and a bit. And then it just sat on top of my printer. For weeks.

I did take it with me to knit night a few times. But then one time I somehow managed to knit the stitch marker in with a stitch, yelled at the knitting, and then switched to another project. The other time I had knitted a row or 2 then got bored and went to work on a different project. Needless to say this project went back on top of the printer like it was in the naughty corner or something. Every day I would pass by it and tell myself I really should work on it, but I just couldn't bring myself round in doing so. I swear that project is cursed. It's quite obvious that I'm finished with the project before it's actually physically finished. Don't you just hate that? Or am I the only one that gets like that with projects?

Anyways, a few days ago I decided to bite the bullet and just "get 'er done". So here we are today. The body is finally knitted up and the self-turned up hem is bound off. All that needs to be done is the i-cord trim along the armholes and neck. Simple, right? would think. The actual i-cord edge is a pretty easy technique to do, but I didn't like the way the armhole looked after picking up the stitches the way the pattern says to do it. So I ripped it out and tried picking up the stitches from the right side. Much better. But then, without realizing it, I had started and ended the edging on the front and it looked like all shades of crap. R-r-r-r-ip!! Then get this: I did it again. I started and ended the i-cord edge on the front. After much cursing I decided to just fudge it a bit to make it look decent and left it as is. Stupid top.

So that's as far as I've gotten with this top to date. I'm really hoping to get it completely finished and blocked by the end of the month, just so that I don't have to deal with it any more. Ugh. Times like these I wish I could just do some genie magic and blink and open my eyes to a finished top. Hmm...I think I'll go and work on that.


  1. You must take good photos of your work - every time I see you knit something up, a pattern I have seen before, I suddenly have to knit it too!

    *putting the leaf yoke top on my queue*


  2. Thanks Wendy!!

    I usually have a hard time trying to get good photos. Even though my house gets plenty of light, it's not bright enough to take proper photos. The only spot that's good is in our bedroom, and even then it has to be super nice outside! Which it hasn't really been lately.

    The Leaf Yoke Top pattern is pretty easy...I'm just too impatient sometimes to fully read the pattern properly! :/

  3. What a top so wonderfull and the consistancy of your work amazes me.I have been looking all over the net for this pattern as I think this is 1 of a kind and my grand daughter would love it. I can't by this patern here in my area as I do not buy with visa.
    Every one has its problems, different kind but still
    Keep up your great work if its just for us to edmire you :)
    happy knitting


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