Thursday, May 6, 2010

WIP: Brett's Flaming Lucha Libre Mask

I've been on Brett's case about letting me knit him something, despite that whole "Sweater Curse" thingy (for those not in the know and/or are too lazy to check out the link, the Curse is basically an urban myth that claims that if you knit your significant other a sweater the relationship will end before the sweater is even finished...or will end because of the sweater). Unfortunately for me though, Brett isn't a sweater/vest/cardigan wearing type of guy. He is, however, a toque/hat wearing kind of guy. My first foray into making him a hat went horribly wrong (it ended up fitting my then 6 month old son!) but was able to redeem myself by knitting him the Brooklyn Tweed's Turn A Square Hat with great success. But 1 successful project just wasn't enough for me, so I've looked up numerous sites and patterns online, as well as borrowed several books from the library in hopes of enticing (re: forcing) him to pick something. Anything. It wasn't until I borrowed The Son of Stitch 'n Bitch that something finally caught his eye.

Yeah, that something that he picked out really didn't surprise me. If anything, I was honestly prepared for it. And all I could do at the time was roll my eyes. What did Brett want? A Mexican wrestling mask. Yep. A Lucha LIbre mask. Think Jack Black in Nacho Libre. But knitted.

I had actually started this mask a while ago, before the hockey playoffs started. Brett was hoping that I would get the mask finished before playoffs began, so that he could use the mask as a "good luck charm" in hopes of getting him team (crappy Calgary Flames!) into the playoffs. For a while there I was knitting furiously, but after realizing that the Flames didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of making the playoffs, the mask went on the back burner and other projects became more important. And now Brett blames me as the reason why his precious Flames didn't make the playoffs. I say it's because they suck. Heh heh hee...

So that's one of the projects that I'm currently working on. And before I get a bunch of comments and/or emails about it, yes, I'm using acrylic yarn for this mask. Brett plans on wearing this mask during all Flames games and drinking excursions when "the boys" are in town. So the mask had to not only be washable, but somewhat indestructible. I had, at the very bottom of my stash some Red Heart yarn (from when I was just starting to knit again) that just happened to be in the Flames colors. It's destiny. Brett has to have this mask.

Now if I can only get it finished so that I could get him off my back about it.


  1. well.......goodness, just what everyone wants. ha ha

  2. Hahaha...I had looked up this pattern on Ravelry just to see if any one ran into problems making this, and I was actually quite surprised as to how many people have already made this pattern!

  3. Can't wait to see him in the final product! That is awesome!!!

  4. Thanks Kim! I just wish I could get motivated enough to actually finish it! :/


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