Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's been extremely quiet on the crafting front here, which makes for poor blogging topics. On Saturday Brett started to feel sick and was trying his hardest to fight off whatever it was that wanted to invade his immune system. He lost. On Sunday, his birthday, he had a full-blown flu. Inevitably the Munchkin got a titch of what was plaguing Brett and has been feeling a little under the weather and has been battling a running nose. In true domino effect style I started to feel a little under the weather (not to mention a little depressed since the sun has been MIA the past few days!). I've been spending the majority of my time keeping house, keeping up with laundry demands, playing nurse, and sleeping as much as possible.

Amidst the chaos I managed to bake some more banana bread using the recipe I mentioned from this post. I was going to make banana chocolate chip muffins using Wendy's modifications, but realized that I didn't have any chocolate chips on hand - which was extremely weird cause I always have chocolate chips on hand (I used to bake Brett chocolate chip cookies on a weekly basis...but then again, that was in the pre-Munchkin days). Then I was going to make mini muffins as suggested by Stephanie, but then realized that it would take a little longer to scoop out 30+ spoonfuls of batter to fill up a mini cupcake tray (note to self: must purchase a small ice cream scoop for such occasions!). I didn't have that time. So mini banana loaves it was going to be.

Let's just hope that these loaves last longer than the last one...

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