Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WIP: Twilight Dipped Infinity Scarf

I decided to take a break from posting about finished Ravelympics projects to post about a current WIP that's on my needles. Even though I have a bunch of other WIPs that I should really, really, really finish, I couldn't help but to immediately cast on for this scarf after seeing this sweater which is based off the stitch pattern from this scarf. I fell in love with the scarf (and am seriously dying for that sweater) and knew that I had to make it. Pronto. Before purchasing the pattern I decided to take a gander around Ravelry and the web to see what others have used for yarn choices and what they had to say about the pattern in general.

I think the universe really wanted me to knit this scarf up cause the next day I got an email newsletter from one of my new favorite independent yarn company saying that they were going to be updating their shop with some new yarn and a new kit...the Dipped Infinity Scarf kit! Which included the pattern and all the yarn needed to make a scarf. So of course I had to get one! I had wanted to get the kit that went from chocolate brown to orange to yellow, and the one that went from black to beige, but when it came time to pay for my purchase both kits had jumped from my cart! All the items that were just put in the shop were selling out within a matter of 10 minutes!

Anyways, back to the scarf knitting. I'm actually further along than what the photo above shows. There are 8 colors in total to make the ombré effect and I'm actually on the 7th color now. I can't take credit for coming up with the color palette (photo below) because it's from a kit from Sunshine Yarns, who has come up with a collection of colors based off of the Twilight Saga. Even though I have a lot of the colorways in my stash, I couldn't bare to break into them to make this scarf.

Left to right: Alice's Porsche, Bella's Truck, Vampire, Edward's Volvo, Cliffdiving, Darkness, Hunted, Black

The pattern is super easy and memorable, and has been knitting up fairly fast. I had promised myself to take it easy on the knitting front after the marathon Ravelympics knitting had ended a week ago, but I have to say that it's a bit hard to put this project down. Not to mention that I'm not in a rush to finish so I've been taking it fairly easy. Or so I tell myself. This project has been quite therapeutic and easy to pick up at any given time. It's somewhat of a good TV watching project, I did manage to knit and watch Fantastic Mr. Fox (great movie btw!) at the same time. Although, it is not a good project to do while watching a movie that requires you to read a lot of subtitles, like Inglorious Bastards.

With that said, I'm going to go and watch the last few episodes of True Blood season 2 (to prep myself for season 3!!) and knit some more. But here's some more eye candy, my favorite colors in the kit:

Ok, that's a lie. Not including the black, they are all my favorite colors! Just look at how lush all those reds are in Vampire! Yummy!


  1. Oooh lovely! I dashed to the site and they're all sold out. May have saved my wallet! :)

  2. Oh no!! I'm not surprised though, after Dani (owner of Sunshine Yarns) does a shop update the store sells out within a matter of 10 minutes. If you're really keen on getting a kit, you can always email her for a special order!

  3. your pictures are always so good Melissa! It makes your posts about crafts.

  4. Hahaha...thanks Jeremy! I personally don't think it's possible for me to do a blog post without a picture!


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