Monday, March 22, 2010

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

This past weekend the Bitchy Bees had a Ravelympics Celebration Brunch at Pagliacci's. Normally I don't get the chance to go to the extra Bees events other than the Friday knit nights cause they usually fall on the days and/or times when Brett's working. So it was quite the treat to be able to make it to the brunch with my fellow Bees! Major thanks and shout-outs to the amazing Michelle for being our team captain, for putting together prizes, and for going that extra mile by sorting out a brunch date! Snaps to you Michelle!!

Now, I've only been to Pagliacci's twice and both times it was crazy busy with a never-ending lineup outside. So I really wasn't surprised that by noon it was starting to get busy and we ended up having to relocate ourselves in order to get down to business - the prizes for the Ravelympics! The lovely Stephanie of Knotty By Nature offered us the use of her store's basement so that we can relax, knit, and continue on with Bees business. That was definitely ├╝ber sweet of her, but at the same time it was utterly dangerous to have a bunch of knitters converging at a yarn shop!

Anyways, Michelle was beyond organized and thoughtful and made it so that all Bees that participated in the Ravelympics walked away with a prize! First off though, she handed everyone a Team Bitchybees button (pictured above!), chocolate, a tiny "champagne bottle" of bubbles, and a yummy organza sachet of dried lavender (which I couldn't stop huffing all day!). Then it was project show-and-tell/prize time! I walked away with this wonderful Louet Hand-dyeing sock kit that was donated by Stephanie and Knotty By Nature!

I can't wait to try my hand at dyeing some yarn, something that I've been wanting to do but have never gone past the Kool-aid dyeing. This kit is a brown kit, I'm wondering if I can somehow achieve a S'mores type colorway? Or maybe something tiger-stripes like? Hmmm...that might be too ambitious and more complicated than what the kit can handle. I don't think I'm going to use the sock pattern that came with the kit, but am thinking of one of the patterns from the book 'Socks From the Toe Up' by Wendy Johnson.

I also won another prize, as their was draws for the gold, silver, and bronze medals among the Ravthlete Bees that followed the rules and had tagged their projects properly and such. I won the gold! Woot woot!! I won me self a gift certificate for Button and Needleworks, and now can't decide what to get. I'm leaning towards some Classic Elite Portland Tweed (I'm loving tweeds lately), or maybe some Spud and Chloe...yum...yarn...

When Bees business was said and done, I took the opportunity to venture over to the Beehive since I rarely get to go there sans baby or without Brett and kidlet waiting in the truck outside. I definitely wanted to take advantage of the fact that I could take my time and thoroughly molest manhandle investigate all the new yarns that the Beehive had to offer. I went with the intention of just looking but then felt bad and had to take these home so that they could be taken well care of:

Brett wasn't convinced that if I didn't voluntarily take them home then they would've just followed me home anyways. I just decided to make life easier by allowing them to come home with me to join the family. Yeah...that's it. Heh heh...

Yay for more yarn! :D


  1. ooooo... realllyyyy preeettyyyyy. I approve of the yarn choice! I stopped by the B&NB yesterday and the owner guy was really excited about our event and was asking all about it!

  2. Oooh I like that taiyo, it's very squishy. I made a scarf with mine.

  3. Thanks Nat and Wendy! The owner guy is so nice and always seems super enthusiastic about all things knitting and Jared Flood. I hope that when I go in there that he or his wife will be working!

    Wendy, I'm thinking of making either a scarf or a shawl out of mine. I was thinking of either a Clapotis or an Entrelac wrap...any suggestions?

  4. Hahaha Jeremy!

    Can you say that to Brett for me? Maybe then he won't get on my case for bringing home more yarn! ;)


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