Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My boys

I just had to share this...a couple of nights ago Brett decided to read bedtime stories and have quiet time before the kidlet's bedtime in our bed. I don't know how many stories were read or what they did exactly during the quiet time, all I know was that I had (finally) looked up from my knitting to realize that Brett hadn't made it downstairs yet and all was quiet in the house. I don't even know how many hours had passed until this realization ( get lost in knitting). When I finally checked up on my boys, I found this:

I couldn't resist, it was too cute to not take a photo! And yes, my son fell asleep holding onto a tube of toddler toothpaste. Lately my Munchkin has been obsessed with his tube of toothpaste...well, anything that's in tube form if truth be told. While most kids are seen in their strollers clutching a favorite toy, my son is clutching a tube of toothpaste. Definitely marches to the beat of his own drum... And while on the topic of toys, the Munchkin has some realy nice ones courtesy of his 2 grandmas, but who needs toys when there are stairs in the house that need to be climbed...over and over and over??! When we let him, the wee one has quite the hey day climbing up the stairs as fast and as many times as he can. Oh yes, my son is a special one.


  1. Very sweet picture. Nice boys you have there, Melissa. ;)


  2. I have a few pics of my hubby falling asleep after story time. Isn't it priceless? And sounds like your little one is on his way to great dental health! Hee hee

  3. heehee, wait until you introduce him to his first can of spray whipping cream, or spray cheese....

  4. Thanks guys!

    Kim: I'm sure I'll be taking plenty more of these kind of photos! They are definitely priceless and precious. Makes my heart flutter whenever I see these kind of and kids, too cute!

    Steph: I think the little one is getting close to that stage! He has already discovered that a few of his so-called "leak-proof" sippy cups can be turned upside down and used bingo-blotter-style to get the water out. Now I have puddles of water all over the house and he thinks it's hilarious. Yeah...I don't think so. :/


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