Friday, February 5, 2010

Back by popular demand

Hey! Remember these sweaters? I know I do! No Canadian kid in the 90s was cool without owning one. I totally remember wanting one so bad that I used to beg my Mom to get me one, even though we lived in a hole in the road town that didn't even have a McDonald's (and it still doesn't). I didn't get one until I went to Vancouver to visit my older cousin. I bought 2 sweaters, a maroon one and a forest green one. And they were absolutely humongous on me. But that was the style back then. I also had the t-shirts too. A deep red one that I got grease stains all over, and a mossy green one. I had 2 of each cause they used to sell them for like, 2 for $89 or something like that.

Well guess what?? Back by popular demand, Club Monaco is bringing them back! They updated the cut so that it's not so...boxy, by having raglan sleeves rather than the regular old set-in sleeves. And I'm sure they updated the sizing to be more current and not so baggy.
Unfortunately they are only being sold in 5 stores, so if you live in Vancouver and Toronto you're in luck. If not, well...I saw a few already up on eBay. I'm going to ring up Brett's brother to see if he can snatch up a hoodie for me. I can re-live the 90s. HA!

Prices start at $29 and can be found at the following locations:
- Toronto: The Eaton Centre and Yorkdale
- Vancouver: Robson Street and Pacific Centre Mall
- Burnaby: Metrotown Mall


  1. OMG. I had a oatmeal melange one. My posse all had converse one-star sneakers too. We had to make sure we didn't buy a colour somebody else in the gang had... "green is andrea's colour" haha... wow.

  2. I forgot about those. I was at costco this weekend, and they had a vendor booth, selling olympic ones. Too funny.


  3. Steph:
    Hahahahaa...I remember my friends and I couldn't wear the same color at the same time, unless we were planning on all wearing the same color to school. kids even do that any more?

    Really? How different do the Olympic ones look? Weird that it was at Costco!

  4. that yellow sweater is radness in a sweater! I want!

  5. Jeremy:
    Hahahaha...what's even more funny is that the sweater looks like it's in pristine condition!


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