Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WIP: Memories of Carnaby Street Pullover

The second I started soaking the Owls sweater for blocking I was seriously itching to start a new project. Since sewing is currently out of the question, thanks to my increasingly annoying downstairs neighbour, who is always beyond eager to call my building manager (I swear, she has the BM's digits on speed dial. She must!) the second she hears a crumb drop. I'm thinking I should seriously drag out the old domestic machine and see just how much of a tune up it needs to work properly...

Anyways, with sewing is a no-go then
knitting it'll be. Which is fine by me since 2 of my 101 goals is to knit 10 sweaters/cardigans and to knit 10 items from my Ravelry queue, I figured I should knit up the Carnaby Street Pullover from the fall 2009 Knitscene magazine, pronto! Lucky me had scored the Brown Sheep Lanaloft Sport yarn called for in the pattern from a fellow Ravelry-er (thanks Carissa!), in a color called "Cliff Rock", which is like a heather brown with a reddish undertone. I tried to take a photo that would get the true color of the yarn, but the lighting around my parts just wasn't cooperating. I think the photo below is probably the best of the crop.

I had started knitting up the back and halfway through I decided to start up the front so that I wouldn't forget what I did for the back. I think the night I did this, I was really tired cause who just stops halfway through a piece? It couldn't have been boredom since both pieces are identical up to the start of the armhole. Oh well. As of today I have half of the front done and am almost finished the back. The pattern is super easy and I think this would have been completed sooner if I was either a fast knitter or a continental-style knitter. Or both. But I'm neither and so it's taking me forever to knit this up. I blame it on the knit 1, purl 1 row that has to be done every third row. I never knew how time consuming having to yarn over is 'til now.

I'm a little worried that this might be a little bigger than I would like this to be. I decided to knit up the 36" cause I always think I'm bigger than I really am, but before starting the front I realized that the back looked a little big. I'm too lazy to do anything about it though, and so it shall remain a 36". I just have to remember while blocking to not stretch the pieces any further and try to go along with the 34" measurements. Not sure if that'll solve anything but I guess we'll see!

I highly doubt I'll be able to finish this before the start of Ravelympics but am hoping to at least get the front and back pieces done and started on the sleeves. Then to the back burner for 2 weeks while I work on Ravelympics projects. I can kinda feel a bout of starteritis wanting to come to the surface, and I've been doing so well with being a project monogamist,
so it'll be nice to work on other projects for 2 weeks and give myself a mini break. But until that break happens, I should get back to knitting before I pass out. I can feel my eyelids getting heavy and I'm determined to knit at least 4 or 5 pattern repeats before I get my shut eye for the night.

Happy knitting y'all!


  1. I am feeling that same creative itch but with all the packing my sewing machine and most of my knitting stuff is unreachable. We move in tomorrow though so I will be able to do some creating next week. p.s Thanks for the Aus Day wishes.

  2. I never noticed the reddish undertones before these photos! I still love the color, neutral or not ^_^

  3. Kat:
    I think my creative itch is starting to form into "Stateritis"...not sure if that's good or bad!

    For a while there I wasn't quite sure what the exact color was...oh well. It's growing on me...not that it's a bad color, it's just not grey ;)


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