Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 - A Year in Crafts

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been feeling soooo lethargic and kinda depressed lately. I think this is due to lack of sleep and proper "me time". Hopefully this phase doesn't last too long, as I'm really starting to get myself down just thinking about how down I am. You know you have issues when...

Anyways, this time last year I had decided to keep a list of all the projects I finished for the entire year of 2009. The past few weeks I've been looking at the said list and am quite surprised as to how much I managed to get accomplished, considering that I was so busy being a mommy and raising a little one, went back to work, and had to really squeeze in crafting time whenever I could. Even if that meant sleeping for only an hour some nights! Ahh...for the love of crafting...

And yet, after counting just how many projects I had completed last year (45 FOs!!), for some weird reason I still feel like I really didn't get much accomplished. Does that make sense to anyone? I feel like I should have been able to get more done. Weird, I know. I really shouldn't be so hard on myself, as I previously said above that I spent 99% of the year raising a baby into a toddler. I should also think about the pile of WIPs that were started last year, which took a lot of my time too, like the Tilted Duster (which took up about 4 months of knitting time) that is seriously begging to be blocked and worn before winter is over. At the top of my head I can count at least 6 WIPs and numerous sewing projects that have been cut out but never worked on. Hmm...maybe I should make a new goal to add to my list of goals: finish all WIPs! Yeah...that's one goal that I can see that probably will never get accomplished!

So, back to the projects of 2009. I made a little photo collage of some of my completed projects, as you can see above. Not all of them are there, as I did make duplicates on a few of them and thought it redundant to include them. Some of the projects I have completely forgotten about, and some feels like I did them years ago.

Starting from the very top left:
1. New Years cards
2. "Welcome to my house" framed embroidery
3. Grey Slouchy hat (that I had started knitting a year or 2 ago, then frogged, then re-knitted)
4. Baby crib pocket organizer
5. All-star apron
6. Knitted neck thingy
7. Rollergirl knee pad covers
8. Twilight java jacket
9. The Meela baby carrier
10. Mosey legwarmers
11. A wee basket
12. Thermis
13. Pink apples & pears boxy bag
14. Black and pink Buttercup bag
15. Knit Kit
16. Flat wristlets galore - small and large sizes using cute heart fabric
Hyvää Päivää project bag
18. First Sight baby blocks
19. Asian pear
20. Black polka dot boxy bag
21. Pink apples & pears wristlet and zippered pouch - these are 2 projects photographed together cause I was too lazy to do them separately!
22. Elvira top
23. Brown apples & pears tote - I made 2 of these totes using the same fabric, one for me and one for my Favorite Things swap partner!
24. Alice in a Pink Wonderland tote
25. Pink polka tote
- I made 2 totes, one for me and one that was for sale
26. Felted bowls - there are 5 bowls, but I consider this to be just one project
27. Edwin the Elephant storage basket
28. The Meela baby carrier in a bike print fabric
29. Bella's Mittens
30. Munchkin's first birthday pirate sweater
31. Pirate birthday bunting
32. Silk Garden scarf
33. Technicolor Dream scarf
34. The Leana Dee scarf
35. Eclipse project bag
36. Dirty Martini, Extra Olives scarf
37. Checkered Tweed scarf
38. Munchkin's portrait swatches
39. Alice's New Moon gloves
40. The paws of Jacob gloves

Not pictured above are a few duplicate tote bags that I made, one for my Favorite Things swap partner (hi Kim!), and the others were sold and went to good homes. There was one tote that I made in a different fabric but forgot to take a photo of (arg!) was made using the hand-dyed pink canvas that really complimented a wide panel of an Amy Butler print that I used on the front.

The WIPs that I'm hoping to get done über soon:
1. The Tilted Duster
2. Berkshire Doleman sweater
3. Owls sweater
4. My son's zig zag quilt
5. Crochet driving gloves

I'm sure I'm missing a few more, but those listed are the ones that I'm itching to get done. Well...maybe not the driving gloves. I'm thinking I might have to pass on finishing those. I'm contemplating on giving it another go, just to see if maybe time away from that project helps but if not I don't see myself getting upset at not finishing it.

Alright, so that's it! Looking at my list I'm thinking I need to make a date with my sewing machine, as towards the end I did nothing but weaving and knitting! My poor Juki must think I've forgotten all about her! Not to fret my sweet love, I have a lot of sewing projects planned for 2010...just hope I can find the time to get around to them. So I'm starting a new FO project list, now onto getting those projects finished!

'Til then, Happy Crafting and Happy 2010 my friends!!


  1. Holy moley Melissa, that's quite the list of accomplishments!

    HOpefully you can join the group for our belated xmas get-together... it would be great to see you if you can swing it!


  2. Thanks Jen!

    I'm definitely coming to the Xmas get together! I'm just uber glad that it's on a Sunday and on a weekend that Brett doesn't have to go out of town for work! I can't wait!! I miss the Tuesday crew!

    See you Sunday!


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