Sunday, December 6, 2009

These are my confessions

(Cue Usher and his slick moves...and minus that whole cheating on my woman and having a baby on the way with the other chick thingy.)
  • I'm currently obsessed with Japanese fabrics
  • I realize that I really do have too much yarn
  • I have a HUGE basket full of unused notebooks that I have collected over the years and most recently I have purchased another handful for reasons I can't explain, other than the fact that they were either cute or pink
  • The idea of learning how to spin my own yarn using a drop spindle has been consuming me
  • I can't stop drinking London Fogs...must be the chilly weather
  • I can't stop drinking strawberry banana protein smoothies
  • Lately I've been thinking a lot about the goals I want to achieve
I've always had a love of Japanese fabrics. From the cute prints to the pure loveliness of the linens. More recently I can't seem to get enough of the fabrics by Etsuko Furuya and want to collect as much as I can from all of her collections. I mean, the double gauze prints of her current collection makes me want to drool. I'm drooling right now just thinking of them! I've acquired a few yards of her Woodland Creatures and Lions prints with certain projects in mind, but now that I have them in my hands, other possibilities are popping up and I can't make up my mind! My only solution to this problem is to get more. Makes sense, right?

As for the yarn, well,
I decided that I'm not allowed to purchase anymore for the rest of the year (not a hard task to do, since there's only 4 weeks left of the year!) and even then I'm determined to use up at least half of my stash before I can let myself buy any more. This seems like a reasonably request of myself, but I wonder if I have the willpower to actually carry this out? And the idea to start spinning my own yarn? I'm not sure if I'm ready...make that I'm not sure if my house is ready, for me to take up another hobby. I'm thinking I must research this drop spindle spinning a little bit more before I dive into it.

I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog before just how much of a love I have for office supplies. Pens, markers,'s like crack to me. I just can't stop accumulating the stuff! I'm especially powerless when they are covered in cute prints or shades of pink. Inspired by Steph, I decided to counteract this issue by actually using some of the notebooks in my collection at the start of the new year by vowing to use a notebook a month in hopes to start up sketching/writing again. More on that thought at a later date.

As I've said, there are only 4 weeks left of 2009. At this time people are thinking about New Year resolutions, something that I no longer believe in making cause you end up extremely disappointed when you don't meet them when the year is over. And make such important decisions only at the start of a new year? Hmm...more on that at a later date too.

Ok, just had to get those points off my chest so that I can sleep tonight. Anyone else being completely consumed with such random thoughts?


  1. ha I love, you'll promise to use your note books! :-)

    can't wait to see what you do with your imported fabrics!

  2. I swear Jeremy, I'm gonna use them! I really am! :D

  3. I am totally craving a smoothie now. Hmmmmm


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