Monday, December 21, 2009


Happy Monday!! The weekend is over and Brett is home today! My weekend was full of family obligations (well, 99.5% was dealing with a cranky and teething toddler who didn't want anyone but Mommy!), but when the wee one was in bed and I had a few hours to myself I spent that time knitting, drinking tea, and watching zombie flicks. Yes, a weird combo but whatevs (FYI, I have quite the affinity for zombie horror movies!). This week is going to be an utterly hectic week, being that it's Christmas week and all. Aside from having my in-laws visiting, the week will be full of work, last minute shopping, cooking, baking, eating, hopefully some knitting, and if I'm lucky maybe some sleep!

I'm not quite sure just how much blogging I'll be able to do this week, and I have to say that I'm sorry for the lack of crafty posts. So I'll leave you with Brett's latest video creation. We made this over the span of 2-3 weeks cause really, life stops when your one year old toddler starts screaming his protests when you take too long doing something that does not involve him! The video itself is not up to Brett's usual quality standards (as you can tell when my "scenes" are a little on the quieter side), but he really wasn't up to re-filming them.

A little background before you view the vid: Brett's old cell phone was a major piece of crap that he had to send away to get fixed. It came back just as crappy as ever. From day one he's had problems with dropped calls, the phone turning itself off, the battery dying 10 minutes after being charged...basically anything bad that could happen with a mobile phone, happened with his. When Brett finally got his new smart phone, we rejoiced and had planned on driving over his old phone...or set it on fire...or throw it off the Capilano Bridge the next time he was in Vancouver. But then Brett got a different idea...and this is it:



  1. That was hilarious! Love the video... and your pink boots! You go girl! My little one just sprouted his first tooth, so I hear you on the teething issues.

  2. Thanks Kim! I'll pass it onto Brett that you enjoyed his video! I can't believe your little man has already sprouted his first tooth! I hope you both have a much better time of it than what we're going through at the moment.

  3. It's like that scene from The Office when they take of the photocopier... AWESOME!! and I liked the scene where your little one was "holding" his horses... hahahaha


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