Friday, November 27, 2009


I've been quiet on the blogging front for almost a week now. I was busy finishing up a few projects, starting a few, and planning some more. Then over the weekend I had tweaked a nerve in my back and have been kinda out of commission the past few days, which has been really hard since my Munchkin wants nothing more than for me to hold, carry, and roughhouse with him. A simple request that I haven't been able to fulfill completely since the start of the weekend. I've spent the past 2 days lying on the floor of the living room trying to stretch my back and get some form of relief, all while trying to avoid a head-on collision with my son's Fisher-Price activity walker (I swear, he's aiming at my head!).

I made some sad ass attempts at going online, but couldn't handle sitting in the computer chair long enough to type out a blog post. Instead, I spent my time thinking, planning, and sketching future projects. I'm hoping that my back will feel somewhat up to par by the time the weekend rolls around so that I can blog again, as I have a few FOs to share.

'Til then, keep crafting!


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully you get better soon so we can see all those fo's of yours. Get better soon!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes guys! I'm feeling much better, now that I've had some time to re-coup and to spend lying on the floor!


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