Friday, November 13, 2009

Finished: The Technicolor Dream Scarf

Yes, another woven scarf. My third, to be exact. Finished completely, fringe and all, last week. I'm not sure if I'll be gifting this one or not, as I absolutely love how the colors turned out on this. I had bought the yarn, which is Fleece Artist Trail Socks, solely because I fell in love with the colors. But when I got it home I wasn't sure what I would make with it as I've never knitted socks before and felt like making a pair of socks with this yarn wouldn't do it any justice. After all, the colors would be hidden under the hems of a pair of pants and no one would be able to enjoy such lovely colors!

Just like the last scarf I made, it was über easy to work with the Fleece Artist yarn. I was actually quite surprised as to how fast this project worked up. I think in total it took me 4-5 hours to weave up, and that's including the time it took me to set up the warp! My only downfall was the final finishes. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to that part of a project. I still have bunch of almost finished projects that just need a few ends woven in, or needs to be blocked, or needs something sewn on...but I just haven't gotten off my lazy butt to do so.

Anyways, just like the last Fleece Artist scarf, I'm quite surprised as to how much blue and green there is in this, as the skein was showing a lot more of the hot pink. So I had it in my head that it would be a black and hot pink scarf with bits of blue and green thrown in here and there. I had gone into this project thinking I would be gifting this scarf to my friend Erin (oh please say she isn't reading this!!), but now that it's all woven up and isn't as black and pink as I thought it would be (pink is her favorite color!) I'm second guessing if she'll like it as much. I think you can get a lot more wear with this scarf since there's an array of colors that could match just about any wardrobe, even one that is heavily laden with pink (as Erin's is, of course!). I guess I'll just have to wait and see how my other weaving projects fare before I make my final decision.

Half in the shade, half in the can tell just how rich the colors are on the left

My weaving has gotten progressively better on this scarf, mainly cause Fleece Artist is just such a dream to work with in general. I love that my edges are near perfect throughout, which ultimately pleases me. I'm a little disgruntled that I didn't make this scarf a little wider though. I was a wee bit nervous that I wouldn't have enough yarn to do the weaving part, so I scrimped out on the warp. In the end I had a butt-load of yarn left over, which made me smack my forehead for not going wider. Oh well.

I made the fringe on this bad boy über long...a whopping 6" long! Again, this is to show off the gorgeousness of the colors. I was contemplating doing a twisted fringe but decided to nix that idea, thinking it might make the overall appearance look too busy. So maybe I'll save that technique for the my next weaving project, which I'm thinking will be a solo color palette.

My time with the loom is almost up, so I'm planning my projects wisely. Hopefully I'll be able to churn out a few more scarves before I have to let go of the loom. Hmmm...Christmas is just around the corner, I wonder if I can drop enough hints to score a loom of my own...?

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