Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finished: The Leana Dee Scarf

My second weaving project! Technically it would be my third, but the second woven FO was something that I was trying out techniques with and it wasn't long enough to be turned into a scarf. I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to do with that piece, so for now it's sitting on a shelf in my sewing closet. I had technically finished this quite a while ago, but again, didn't get around to taking photos of it until a few days ago.

I made this scarf for my friend Leana (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my I think it's ok to post photos of this scarf up before she gets it in the post...I hope!). I had bought the yarn, which is Fleece Artist Cashlana, solely because the colors reminded me of her. She wears a lot of blue, so I think this would go well with her wardrobe. I also love, love, LOVE the vibrant green that's in this skein. I think it really adds a little something-something, don't you think?

I'm actually a bit surprised as to how much green there is in this skein, cause when I bought it the skein was all twisted up showing mainly the black and blue with the green hiding behind the 2 other colors. I'm not at all complaining about it though, as I think the end result came out beautifully. There are also bits of grey throughout the skein, where I'm assuming the dye just didn't reach during the dyeing process. But I think that adds to the attraction of this piece.

I'm quite pleased at my workmanship on this scarf too. On my first scarf my edges were a bit wonky, but I had contributed that to the yarn and how it had an uneven thickness to it all throughout the skein. The Fleece Artist was uniformed so I think that had a lot to do with how nicely my edges came out this time around. I also got the hang of how hard to beat, which again, was hard on the first scarf due to the aforementioned uneven yarn thickness. My only issue with working with the Fleece Artist yarn was that it stretched like a mofo, which made the warping process a little tricky. While trying to wind up the warp, I had concerns about the warp tension as each strand felt different than the next and I found myself having to tighten the warp quite often during the weaving process. In the end it all worked out and that's what counts.

The end fabric came out so, so, so soft! The Cashlana is 90% wool, 10% cashmere and that 10% makes such a difference! The scarf itself is so nice and squishy, and feels amazing next to the skin. I'm positive that my friend is going to love the feel of this scarf wrapped around her neck! If I hadn't started out this project with my friend in mind, I would've been tempted to keep it for myself! I'll admit though, that I did go back to my LYS looking for either another skein of this exact colorway or one that was black and pink, but alas, I didn't find either. Oh well! I have plenty of other scarf ideas that I want to do anyways, so maybe not finding another skein was probably a good thing.

I'm also quite happy with the start and end of my weaving. Both ends came out much cleaner and uniformed. I also made sure that I didn't tie my fringe too tight again and left enough leeway for the yarn to move. I love the colors of this yarn so much that I wanted to show it off even more by making the fringe a whopping 5"!! Since I had used really thin made-for-weaving yarn on my first project, which made for a very sad looking fringe, I was excited that this yarn was thick enough to make a decent, if not lush, fringe. And since I'm still learning and guesstimating the size of my end scarf lengths, I made the fringe as long as it could be in hopes that it'll make the scarf long enough to my friend's liking. I had tried on the scarf myself for size, but I keep forgetting that I'm a lot shorter than most people and therefore what would be of perfect length for me, might be quite short for others. After checking out other people's weaving projects and their scarf lengths on Ravelry, I was satisfied that mine was of average length.

I'm hoping Leana likes and enjoys this scarf as much I enjoyed weaving it. I'm also hoping that the rest of the week isn't too hectic that I can send it off before the weekend, just so that she has more time to wear it this fall and winter season!

Ok, now off to plan my other weaving projects...

Happy crafting y'all!


  1. looks pretty sharp Melissa! ha, I want one :-P

  2. Hahaha...Thanks Jeremy! You'd wear a scarf?? Brett refuses to wear a scarf. Something about it having to wear a man purse with it...?


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