Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 Days of Twilight - Day 6: Twilight on etsy

1. Edward Pattern by AprilDraven
2. Twilight Inspired Cartoon Zipper Pouch by kukubee
3. Alice Cullen Black Satin Ribbon Choker Necklace by cinsationalbaubles
4. Crochet Vampire Bite Silk Cashmere Necklace by meekssandygirl
5. Bitten Hand-Painted Merino Sock Yarn by sarabeedesigns
6. Lion and Lamb Zipper Pouch by kukubee
7. Rosalie Inspired Cullen Crest Necklace by Ameliacolette
8. Volturi Converse by alcat2021
9. Aro's Gift - Faceted Natural Crystal Quartz Necklace by bluembrownlee
10. Twilight Inspired Large Latte Mug by thepaintinglibra
11. Wooden Wolf & Swarovski Heart Bella Bracelet by heidisjewelrydesigns
12. My Personal Sun New Moon Necklace by cinnamonsticks

I was perusing etsy a few weeks ago to see what Twilight related gems are out there. And wow, there was well over 800 pages worth of Twilight crafty goodness on there! I didn't look at all, I only got to the 400's when I decided to stop looking. There were a lot of repeats and my eyes were starting to hurt from scanning so many pages!

I was hoping to find some subtle Twilight items, as I'm not one to blatantly display my love of Twilight as most Twi-hards are. It's just not my style. The above are my favorite Twilight items thus far and thought I would share them with you. I think the Edward doll pattern is absolutely hilarious and think making one for a "Team Edward" fan would be a great Christmas present. I think the crochet vampire bite necklace is a hoot too, and can be gifted to any vampire fan...whether they are into Twilight, True Blood, or even Buffy. My absolute most favorite items out of the entire list: the mug and the Lion and Lamb zippered pouch. As someone who needs their morning java and always has a cup tea in hand, that mug would be a nice addition to my already vast mug collection. And that zippered pouch?? Uh, hello cuteness!

So what are your favorite Twilight items?

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