Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winner, winner...chicken dinner!

Look what I won! This arrived in the post for me on Monday. I won it 2 weeks ago on a blog giveaway from fellow blogger, Roadkill Blogs. I normally lurk around on this blog cause I like Elaine's quirky sense of humour and writing. I discovered her blog after seeing her jewelry line on etsy (I'm drooling and lusting after her big bow ribbon necklace!). She usually has a giveaway once a week but I've never entered one. That is, until I saw that the clutch she made was made out of hot pink metallic leather...and lined in pink and white polka dot cotton! As you probably already know, I cannot resist or turn down anything that's hot pink! And this?? We're talking hot pink metallic leather here! Yeah, I had to enter pronto!

I tried to take photos of the lining and the back of the clutch, but my camera died and I got lazy after that. But check out her blog post about the clutch here, and check out her website here.

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