Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've been hit with a bout of "Starteritis". Y'know, that uncontrollable urge to start project after project with no real concern or thought for when or if you'll ever finish any of them in the near future. Yes, that's what I've been dealing with lately. Not to mention that it really doesn't help that my desire to have all these sweaters in rotation in my wardrobe this winter is quite overwhelming either. And let's not forget about cold weather accessories! I really need to stop browsing the patterns on Ravelry, buying knitting magazines, and borrowing knitting knitting list is just getting way too long!

Another thing that doesn't help my case: my knitting group doing a group order from Knit Picks, which I happily participated in and ordered a bunch of yarn, the above photo doesn't even show half of what I had ordered. Since getting my yarn I've been seriously dying to get started on the projects that I had in mind for all this yarn. But I had to refrain as those projects are a little on the lower side on that aforementioned knitting list.

Besides the first photo, here are some more WIPs:

**Edit - this project is actually finished now! It just needs to be blocked**

I couldn't get a good shot of the yarn on the needles, so here's the yarn instead

Again, I couldn't get a good shot of the yarn on the just the colors being used for this project

Yet, knitting isn't the only crafty area that has been hit with Starteritis. I've started a lot of sewing projects as well...on top of the several that I already have on the go. Ugh. Must...get...this...Starteritis...under...control!!!

Arrr, Matey!

Ok Self, here's the deal: no more starting projects until you get 2, yes, that's 2 WIPs completed!

Has anyone else been hit with Starteritis lately?


  1. I am so like that too at the moment. My problem is I want to knit all these winter things and we are on our way into summer. Are those Bella Mittens that I spy in that photo. They are one of the projects I am dying to start.

  2. Ah! I missed a group order for Knitpicks? Damn, I was just thinking I needed some Shine Worsted for a baby sweater.....


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